Why I Stopped Walking with Headphones On Outside

A pair of headphones beside a pair of ASICS shoes.
A pair of headphones beside a pair of ASICS shoes. 

The summer days, were always fun to go for walks with my headphones on. The city was warm, the sidewalks were nice and clean, and over time, I would eventually work my way to lovely green trails. And then back again, to my house.

With the lovely sidewalks and trails, I would be listening to wonderful "esoteric," knowledge from the internet, or music that nobody else had... also off the internet. 

I believe the bitter reality of my truth was; In the world of wearing headphones, I was really knocking out my hearing sense completely to the sounds of reality around me.

So, I've come to my list, there are only three big reasons why I stopped wearing my headphones while walking outside.

Speedy Emergency Vehicles 

 It was usually very easy for me to see emergency vehicles in front because I would see this slowing down of the cars and the big flashing lights with the sirens. It gave me time to be aware of the situation and be a bit more careful. 

But, emergency vehicles passing behind me was a different story. I would hear the sirens seconds before the vehicle passed, sometimes giving me a little jump while walking. 

Cyclists on the Sidewalk 

In my city, not all cyclists ride their bikes in the designated bike paths on the street, there are some cyclists that will ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Now, again, if I see cyclists in front of me, that's no problem. I can move to the side and it's okay.

But, if a cyclist zooms by behind me, oh boy, that could be a, "yikes", moment. I have walked many walks where I would cross from the right side over to the left side of the sidewalk. Now, I always check behind me before I cross sidewalks, but having headphones on, makes things unnecessarily distracting. 

People & Things Everywhere

The last reason kind of sums up the first two reasons, and that is it's, just too busy. There are people coming from all sorts of directions, emergency vehicles speeding by, excited dogs, cyclists, you name it. 

Those are my reasons for dropping the headphones while walking. 

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