Measuring Foot Length for Hikers

Hi all. In this video, I measure my foot length using a long metal measuring stick in inches.

The first thing I did was I found an area in my house where there was enough space to do this. I then took the metal measuring stick, placed it on the ground, and leaned it up against the wall, so it's perpendicular to the wall.

I then placed my back to the wall with the perpendicular measuring stick facing outwards and took the heel of my foot, and placed it right on top of the measuring stick. I made sure that it was my larger foot.

I then measured my big toe, grabbed a dry erase marker, and placed a small mark as vertical as I could get it from the big toe to the measuring stick.

After I created The mark, I took my thumb, and I placed it right after the mark and added a thumbs length more to the measurement.

I then take the final measurement, and I use it as a guideline to buy my walking shoes.

Quick disclaimer I'm not a professional in this field, please seek out your local professionals for expert advice.