Moving On from the Polar m200 Watch. No Hard Feelings.


Hi all, I purchased the Polar m200 a couple years ago. I got great use from it and moving on.


The GPS was most optimal outside; there's only a couple of times it didn't catch on my walks.

I did try a couple of mall walks inside. Unfortunately, the GPS did not catch most of the time.

Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor only got wonky a couple of times I used it. Overall it was working fine.

Battery Life

The battery life would cut short when I would activate the GPS and heart rate sensor. Of course, this is an ongoing issue with the Polar m200 and many other fitness watches.

Polar m200 Sport's watch in the field displaying some walking stats.
Polar m200 Sports Watch for Running or Walking with 24/7 Activity Tracker.

Wrist Bands

The only issue I had with the Polar m200 was the wristbands. I wore them out a little bit earlier than I thought they would last.

Polar Flow App

The polar flow app is probably the best part of the whole experience. I'm very impressed with all the data points.

Would I repurchase the Polar m200?

The only reason why I wouldn't purchase this watch again is that over time The wristband wears down and then the face capsule of the watch pops out.

No hard feelings.