My Backpack Organization for Day Walks 2021


Hi all. In the video above, I go over some of my backpack organization and a few tips.

I recently upgraded from a 12 l backpack to a 15 l backpack with enough room for a laptop.

I also purchased three packing cubes from Mountain Warehouse, and I'm using the smaller packing cube as a general organizer so that all the stuff is not swimming around in the backpack.

I revisit my first aid kit. I add some of my own personal medications; quick disclaimer here I am not a professional. Please consult your local doctor for any physical activity and professional advice.

I insert the packing cube with all of the walking gear and essentials into the backpack, and so far, it looks like it fits fine. I also had to check if my jacket would fit, more specifically, a windbreaker jacket.

Thanks for watching and clicking through.