My Walking Gear for City Walks (Updated 2022)

A watter bottle, vibrating foam roller, massage gun, protein shaker and activity tracker step.
My walking gear essentials.

Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

I started with just buying Runners, and I used Runners as walking shoes in my city. I have now moved on to trail running shoes because of the better tread and they are more waterproof.

Polyester Shirts

When I first started walking more consistently, I was using 100% cotton shirts. It was fine for anything under an hour. Over time though, I realized cotton shirts hold too much moisture. I ended up switching over to 100% polyester shirts to keep the body dry.

Walking socks

My walking socks have been a little bit of an adventure at first. I started with generic socks I purchased from Walmart. That didn't work out. The socks began getting holes in them, and I had to start looking for something more durable. I eventually moved on to walking socks that were specifically made for walking or hiking. At the time of this blog, I am using the Columbia walking socks. I bought a pack of four off of Amazon Canada. They are not perfect, but they work fine. 


My hoodie or sweatshirt is always a great thing to have especially if I'm doing morning walks or late evening walks. If I'm not in the mood to carry my walking bag, I'll just take the sweatshirt, wrap it around my waist, tie up the sleeves, and walk away.

Activewear Pants with Zippers

All the pants I wear have zipper pockets of some sort on them. It sounds simple, but looking around and finding zippered pockets on pants can be an experience on the internet. My big three would be polyester track pants with a mesh lining, polyester pants spandex mix, and sweatpants. 

Walking Hat

I've had a variety of hats over the years. The one I wear the most is a baseball cap which I got from Amazon. It came in a set of three and I was weary about purchasing them because not many hats fit right.  So far, so good. 

Activity Tracker

I'm currently using the Fitbit Inspire 2 without GPS. I switched from GPS to no GPS to save on battery life. 

Cargo Shorts

For the hot summer months, I tend to lean to cargo shorts. I find they just have many pockets, and I can put all my necessities in them.

Slim walking / Laptop Bag

I use a small laptop bag as a walking bag. The more technical term is it would be approximately 15 Liters or so. This is where I store my sweatshirt, water bottle, first aid kit, mosquito repellent, laptop, or anything which I believe is necessary on the longer walks. 

Waterproof Windbreaker with Zippers

I recently purchased a new jacket for the spring-fall months. It's wind-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable. It has zippered pockets; it’s more for peace of mind knowing my stuff's not going to fall out.

Small First Aid Kit

I went with the Day Tripper Lite from Adventure Medical Kits. It's made for day walks/hikes, and it's a small zipper pack.

Cell Phone 

The phone is for taking photos and videos on longer walks. It's also the safety beacon to other humans, coffee, and pizza. 

Water Bottle

I carry a typical water bottle of about 24 oz on my walking trips. Most of my walking trips are anywhere from one hour to 4 hours with breaks, and I'm usually in an urban setting or around an urban environment. So, I have access to water almost all the time. Sometimes I carry the water bottle in my hand, or I just place it in my backpack.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito repellent is a must, especially when I'm walking down in the evenings through river valleys.

Other Useful Walking Gear

A packing cube 
Smaller Towel 
Bus Tickets
Race Bib
Scarf or Duff
Safety pins
Hand cream
Allergy Meds (Over the counter) 
Protein bars
Charging cords