My Waterproof Walking Shoes from Mountain Warehouse

Hey what's up all, Ryan here, well, I thought I would give a quick review on the Shadow Softshell waterproof shoes.

I purchased them from Mountain Warehouse in march of 2021, it's now September so it's been about six months and I've taken these through some pretty rugged city walks.

I purchased these shoes for about sixty dollars, they were on sale on the website, I don't know how much they would be now, but the number one reason why I purchased them, is that they are waterproof, and I wanted to walk more throughout the year.

So, I live in Canada we're our winter usually kicks in, uh, I don't know anywhere from October, then it goes to about April give or take, springtime, it's pretty slushy around here, and then the fall and winter, of course, snow starts hitting the ground.

Before, I had runners, and the runners had just a basic mesh around them, and it was annoying in the wintertime/springtime because water would leak into my shoes, and yeah, so, that's a reason why I got these.


  • Maintained the waterproofness.
  • There are no rips or tears after four months.
  • The tread has wear and tear from usage, but no surprises.


  • Confort was lacking on the concrete and trails over time. The cushioning is average. Could be better.
  • The material around the toe box area felt like it was pushing into my foot. Maybe they were just a little bit too big, or maybe I was wearing thin socks. I did fix the issue by purchasing thicker socks, but over time, I noticed the same area did not dig in. Who knows.


Overall, it has been an average experience. The shadows are great for my everyday use, urban-style trails, walking on concrete. I would hesitate to take these to the mountains, I would look for a shoe with more cushioning.

I'm going to keep these for the Canadian winter (city walks) and see how things go.

shadow softshell waterproof shoe from Mountain Warehouse in front of a few trees. It's nice and sunny.
Shadow Softshell Waterproof Shoe from Mountain Warehouse.



January 30, 2022

Hi all, this will be the last update for my Shadow softshell waterproof shoes. For the next pair, I'll be looking for something that has more cushioning. 

Last Update: 

September 19, 2021

Hi all, so, I thought I'd give a quick update on the Shadow Soft-Shell waterproof shoes I purchased from Mountain Warehouse (Canada).

The good stuff is, this is a good shoe that has shown durability so far. 

The tread has withstood quite a bit of heavy walking since I purchased them, and there is a little bit of wear on them now, which is to be expected.

I did purchase these shoes for about $60 Canadian, and I can say I am satisfied with the shoe compared to the price point. The major seller was having a waterproof shoe that was a hybrid between a hiking shoe and a running shoe.

So far, the shoes have been great, there has been no water leaking into my feet at all, very wonderful.

The not-so-good stuff would be comfort. This shoe does very well on the trails, but I have noticed the shoes don't have that much cushioning. I'm pretty sure I can find other shoes with more cushioning.

To remedy the lack of cushioning, I just purchased thicker socks from Columbia, and it seems to be doing a little bit better.

I'm going to take these out in the winter months, and I will give everyone an update when the time comes.

Hope all is well, Happy walking.

May 18, 2021

Well, I'm going to try two walking marathons (10 km & 21 km) this summer using the Shadows. The events will be virtual, so, we'll see how things go. I'm currently training with them now, and the first marathon date will not be till July 1, 2021. So far, they have been ok on the trails and concrete. If you would like to follow along, click the link below. 

May 14, 2021

Hi All. I had the opportunity to go down into the river valley in the last couple of days.

There were a couple of steep parts on the way down to this one area, and I noticed the shoes held up very well.

My toes did not hit the front of the shoe on the way down, and it looks like I got the sizing right.

I also started wearing my shoes a little bit looser. For some reason, when I tighten up my laces, the tongue of the shoe digs in just above the ankle, and it's very uncomfortable.

The only issue I have with loosening up my shoelaces is rocks tend to get into my foot area, and I occasionally have to take the shoe off and clear them out.

But, everything has been comfortable so far with this particular trail shoe, I'll give more updates in a little bit.

April 15, 2021

Hey, what's up All. Ryan here, just a quick update on the shadow softshell waterproof shoe from Mountain Warehouse.

So far so good, there's a couple of issues but I'll start with the good stuff first.

The tongue length is great it does not dig into my foot.

The overall comfort is fine, it is a little bit clunky on concrete, but that's no big deal.

The waterproofness has done really well. I've had no issues with water leaking into my shoes so far.

The structural integrity of the shoe is holding up. The tread is doing great.

The only issue I'm having is on my right foot just below the toe box, when I'm pushing off it feels like the shoe is digging into my foot.

I'm not sure if that's just how my foot is, or maybe I bought the shoes too big.

March 3rd, 2021

Hi all. These are the Men's Shadow Soft Shell Waterproof Shoes' from Mountain Warehouse. I took them for a quick waterproof test to see how they would do. 

At first, I just started on the regular sidewalk concrete and comfort was fine, they did have a little bit less cushioning than my Asics running shoes, but I was not expecting these shoes to be overly cushiony.

I found a hilly area around my neighborhood. There was fresh snow and melted snow. I walked through all parts of the area, and I did not feel any moisture or additional water in my toe area or feet.

I then headed back over to the good old concrete sidewalk and walked for about 3 km, basically looking for puddles, and I finally found one that was deep enough. I strolled through the puddle and again did not feel any water in my till or feet area.

Okay, so I hit about the four-kilometer Mark, and I found an excellent area full of melted snow, fresh snow, leaves, dirt, puddles, everything you can think of. I cautiously went through the deepest part of the water puddle, and again I felt no water in my toes or feet area.

So far, the shadow softshell waterproof shoe has been doing well after all the puddles I put them through; there was no water in my feet area at all. I will update this blog and video in the later months ahead.

Shadow Soft Shell Waterproof Shoes (No Affiliation) 

Additional Photos

A birds eye view of the Shadow Softshell Waterproof Shoe from Mountain Warehouse, with one shoe on its side.
A birds eye view of the Shadow Softshell Waterproof Shoe from Mountain Warehouse, with one shoe on its side.