What Can You Fit in a 15L Backpack?

Hi All. I managed to fit a 13-inch laptop, water bottle, sweatshirt, and some large headphones. No expert folding skills here. There are some other smaller items that may have fit in the bag towards the bottom, but I just wanted to get a ballpark kind of idea for you. Of course, not all 15-liter backpacks are made the same, this is just an example. 



September 1, 2021

Hi all, well, it's been about six months since I purchased the 15 l backpack from Mountain Warehouse, and I thought I would just give some final thoughts on it.

Overall, the structural integrity has kept up, and nothing has been ripped or torn at all.

There's only one issue that I noticed was with the hook strap that fastens the top pocket flap. 

I get a little wary with the open hook and sometimes I feel that the backpack may come open.

I've taken this out on many long walks, and it fits my windbreaker and packing cube comfortably, but if I were to put in a sweatshirt, windbreaker, and packing cube it gets congested.

Now, there is an area for the laptop, but I have not tried taking a laptop out with all the other elements so far, but when I do, I'll update you on how that goes.

The chest strap and shoulder straps are doing great, and the back padding is good as well.

For myself, this backpack has worked wonderful in my city. If I were to do longer hikes, let's say in the mountain areas, I would probably want something a little bigger.

April 30, 2021

15 L Backpack from Mountain Warehouse 

Okay, I had a chance to take out the 15 l backpack I purchased from Mountain Warehouse out in the good old River Valley area.

I was able to put in my windbreaker, sweatshirt, and packing cube with all the smaller accessories.

Well, unfortunately, the fit was a little bit too snug I felt a bit too much pressure on the chest strap.

For the next walkout, I'm going to try to loosen up the backpack straps a little bit.

I'm also going to cut back on what I put inside the backpack itself. I didn't need the sweatshirt for this particular walk.

And having that one item of clothing in my backpack made a difference.

The side pouch that held the water bottle did a really good job. At first, I thought it was a little bit too shallow, but it has held the water bottle fine, there are no worries of it slipping out over time.

Aside from the overpacking, the backpack has held up fine I'll keep you all updated in the next couple of months.

15 L Backpack from Mountain Warehouse
15 L Backpack from Mountain Warehouse

Additional Photos

A birds eye view of a 15 l backpack with walking accessories scattered around it.
A birds eye view of a 15 l backpack with walking accessories scattered around it.