I Won't Do This Parking Mistake Again in Allstones Creek


This was day two on our cousin's family trip out in Banff, Alberta, in the summer of 2018.

We drove and unexpectedly found the Allstones Creek area where we parked the car on the side of the road (which I won't do again, tips below), and decided to go down into the creek and hike around.

This was about a year after my second Achilles tendon rupture, and all I was wearing was my Nike Monarchs, a basic all-purpose set of shoes that were not made for trails like the one we were about to go into.

As you can see, the photo of the creek was beautiful. It had wonderful cliffside's on both sides with beautiful trees and just the right amount of water flowing through the creek so we could walk comfortably.

As we progressed, we noticed that we sometimes had to cross the creek to the left and to the right, which created a little bit of an adventure when it came to finding the right rocks to step on.

It was the classic, "take it slow and steady," check each Rock, make sure it's sturdy and then cross with safety, kind of thing.

The weather worked out pretty well. It was mostly sunny for most of the hike, and eventually, there was a couple of cloudy breaks, which was nice because the trail was starting to get intense, and we were really starting to feel it.

It felt like we were hiking through for about an hour or so, and we got to a point where there was a smaller waterfall, and it looked like you couldn't go any further.

We sat down, took a break, relaxed for a bit, talked, and then started to head back to where we came from.

As you can see in the video, my Nike Air monarchs took a beating on this trail. As for my healing Achilles tendon on the right foot, it was starting to ache a little bit, and I noticed that the timing could never be more perfect because if we went any further, it might have got reinjured.

After the walk-in Allstones Creek, we headed back to our campsite, started up a fire chop some wood, and called it a day.

Tips for Allstones Creek

Here are a couple of tips. This is a kind of backcountry style hike, so it's pretty important that you have the proper footwear; when you attempt to do this, you are most likely going to be crossing a small Creek and getting your feet wet, so that's probably the first thing to know right out the gate.

If possible, bring a camera; there are definitely quite a bit of photo moments in this hiking style.

When we parked the car, it was a highway on one side and then basically a hill going down into the creek on the other side. We had to go down the hill to the creek, and when we came back up, we had to be a little bit cautious because the car was parked right on the side of the highway. Thinking back, parking the car on the side of the road was not a good idea, I would try to find another safer place to park next time. 

A look down at Allstones Creek on a summer day with lush grass, trees and mountains in the distance.
Allstones Creek, Alberta Canada in the summer of 2018

Photos & Video by Ryan C


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