Walking Around Athabasca Falls in July 2020

A beautiful river with mountains in the background. It's a sunny day with broken clouds.
Athabasca Falls, Alberta Canada

Okay, so we decided to make a family trip in July 2020; the trip consisted of a drive down to Jasper National park and then to our final destination at the Athabasca Falls, where we shortly walked around.

The day was very beautiful. As you can see in the photos, there was a mix of clouds and blue skies, which made the mountains pop out just a little bit more.

We have made trips in the past in the Banff/Jasper area of Alberta where the clouds would basically overshadow the mountains, and it looks like more or less gray Haze over everything.

Walking from the parking lot to the falls, we actually went left first and checked out the beautiful landscapes during the sunny day. 

A river with mountains in the background. It's a sunny day with broken up clouds.
Athabasca Falls, Alberta Canada

The scenery was breathtaking. As you can see in the photo above, there's almost like a v structure with the tree line and Mountain line in the background, and the clouds as they come through it create this wonderful natural line that the eye guides into.

And just a quick tip if you are traveling with elders, the better thing to do is drop the elders off at the main area where the falls are and then go and park the car. It can be quite the walk from the parking lot back to the waterfalls.

We finally started to head down to the waterfall area. It was a semi rocky pathway with gravel and Rock. We then approached the falls, and there is an area almost like a natural bridge with the falls cascading on one side and some cascading movements on the other side. 

A beautiful waterfall with trees and mountain cliffs on both sides.
Athabasca Falls, Alberta Canada

And just another quick tip if you're looking to capture lots of photos and have quiet little moments, it will most likely not happen at this time of year. The scenery area is very busy, and there's lots of people taking pictures.

The waterfalls are pretty breathtaking; there is a nice loud natural sound of water crashing on the rocks, and with the nice blue skies and mountain ridges in the background, it was a cool moment for the family.

We then walked back to the original area and took some more pictures, and I noticed there was a trail on the other side, and it looks like you could walk down a little bit further, but we did not do that because we were with elders.

Photos & video by Ryan C