I Didn't Expect This from Crescent Falls, Alberta

A large waterfall in the distance with a cascading stream towards the left. It's a nice partly sunny day.
Crescent Falls, Alberta Canada in 2018

 In the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to go to Crescent Falls with my family and cousins.
According to Wikipedia, Crescent Falls is located on the Bighorn River in the Big Horn River Canyon in west-central Alberta, Canada.

The photos and Video in this blog are an understatement. I didn't expect the absolute colossal feeling you get when you stand between the falls and the canyon.

It's an extraordinary mix of serenity and crashing loud chaos all at the same time when you look towards the Falls; of course, you can see all of the activity at the front, but where we were standing, it was almost like a calm stream area. Then the water crashes again in the second fall.

We also walked further down the trail towards the canyon's lookout points, and it was made for mainstream tourists like myself.

I believe we stayed at the Crescent Falls campground, but I did not make the booking, so I'm not sure if that's the exact location.

For myself personally, I'm not really an overnight-style camper; I prefer just making day trips and then staying in hotels. But I gave it a try because it was my cousins and family, what am I supposed to do lol.

The drive down into Crescent Falls was actually a little bit of an off-road experience, and as you come down, sometimes, there is a large part of the water stream that overflows into the main road.

If you're looking to drive down with a smaller car, maybe do some research and call ahead to see if the road conditions would suit your vehicle.

For any landscape photography lovers, this is a pretty hot spot. There were already a couple of people with professional tripods taking photos of Crescent Falls when we were there.

We were there in midday time, but I've seen people come early in the morning for the golden hours.

Photos and video by Ryan C