Walking Around Glacier Lake Trail | Summer 2018

In this video, I walk through the Glacier Lake Trail in Banff, Alberta, with my family.

This was a common fur-trading route, and the river below our feet from my research is the North Saskatchewan River.

We happened to catch a few adventurers doing some white water rafting down the river, and as you can see, they had a nice bright red rafting boat which looked really cool against the light to bluish-green waters of the North Saskatchewan River.

The North Saskatchewan River was alive and active at this time, with crashing water on both sides and a very aggressive current moving downstream. There were also some beautiful Cliff sides with eroded layered Rock.

The weather worked out really great, although it was mostly cloudy for the day; as the trail progressed, it was getting more and more moderate so having some protection from the Sun was nice.

Tips for Glacier Lake Trail

A couple of tips if you're looking to walk the glacier Lake trail, this is a backcountry style trail, and having regular walking shoes as I did in the video would not be a good idea.

If I were to go back in time and do this trail again, I would wear appropriate hiking shoes or trail shoes.

When we were on this trail, it was flat initially, and then it started to get a little bit hilly. And this part of the world has lots of bears, so we just made sure that we made adequate noise, and we talked at certain times to make sure that if there were any bears in the area, it knew about our presence.

We packed some food, and I had a first aid kit in my backpack. I did this trail with shorts on, but if I were to go back and do it again, I would wear long trousers or long track pants that would protect my legs from the trees and shrubs along the way.


Standing on a footbridge looking out at the North Saskatchewan River with Mountains in the background.
Glacier Lake Trail in the Summer of 2018


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