Walking Around the North Saskatchewan River


An icy North Saskatchewan river in the spring months.
North Saskatchewan River beginning of April 2021

Walking Around the Terwilliger Footbridge 

Great walk today around the Terwilliger footbridge. The area has a dog park with various paths that eventually connect to a large footbridge that crosses the North Saskatchewan River. If you continue to walk further, you'll end up at the Fort Edmonton footbridge, which is another beautiful footbridge.

It looks like the weather is still a little bit chilly. The North Saskatchewan River has not really broken up. You can see in the photos that there's lots of ice.

This area is quite the hot spot for scenic walks, family walks, dog walking, you name it.

The North Saskatchewan River is interesting. It sources from the Saskatchewan Glacier in Southern Alberta, specifically the Columbia icefield in the Rocky mountains.

I'll have to come back to this area and take a couple of photos in the summertime.


May 10, 2021

Fort Edmonton Footbridge in May 2021
Fort Edmonton Footbridge in May 2021

Terwillegar Park Footbridge look over the North Saskatchewan River
Terwillegar Park Footbridge look over the North Saskatchewan River in May 2021

April 30, 2021

Walking Around the Fort Edmonton Footbridge 

Well, if you're in the Edmonton area the Fort Edmonton Footbridge is a pretty popular place to walk around.

Things to Know
There are three main areas to enter into the footbridge. All three ways consist of going down into the river valley towards the North Saskatchewan River.

I can remember two ways.

If you're on the south side of the city, there is a long windy road (Rabbit Hill rd, I think) going into the Terwilliger Dog Park. You will then see a path going to the Terwilliger Footbridge, and then eventually getting over to the Fort Edmonton footbridge. The walk is fairly long.

The other way is going through Wolf Willow, where you will have to walk a fairly steep gravel road down into the valley, and then eventually to the Fort Edmonton footbridge.

The footbridge is very popular in the summertime, more specifically on the weekends. If you decide to walk around during the evening, bring some mosquito repellent with you, and if you are looking to have the footbridge completely to yourself, you may want to try walking down early in the morning.

Photo Tips
For anybody that loves taking photos, there are two main spots where you can take some nice pictures of the footbridge. You should be able to see benches around these areas, and you can get a nice landscape view of the footbridge.

One of the best optimal times to walk around and take photos is early in the morning during sunrise, or during the evening during sunset. 

Fort Edmonton Footbridge in April 2021
Fort Edmonton Footbridge end of April 2021