My Walking Marathon Training After 2 Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Hi all, in this blog post I talk a little bit more about my walking marathon training. 
Training is going to be a combination of indoor and outdoor walking, more specifically, the summer months will be a majority of myself walking outside with the occasional treadmill days. Winter months will most likely be more treadmill days. 

If you'd like the long story of my Achilles tendon ruptures on both feet, you can click over to the "about me," page. I go into much more depth about it.

So, when it comes to walking marathons, I don't go for distance or time, I just go for completion of the walking marathon.

The way this blog post will be formatted is in an updated format. So, below you will see the update section.

I'll be tracking kilometers with my Google Fit app using location and activity tracking (total steps & km). If a race needs me to track via GPS, I'll use the Google Fit app. In the future, I may get a new fitness watch.

ASICS Keyano 23s, Polar m200 Fitness Watch & Foam Roller.
The men's ASICS Gel-Kayano 23s, Polar m200 Fitness Watch & Foam Roller.



October 8, 2021

Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run (All done)

Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run Bib
Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run

Well, I'm stuffed. I walked down by the river and tracked my time on the Google Fit App. The day worked out to be nice considering it really cools down in October. So, as usual, the time has no significance for the walks, just finishing. I'll be putting up a quick video soon. 

The result of my walk. 5.50 km, time was 1:22:59.
Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run

October 6, 2021

Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run metals came in today. I made the mistake of opening the seal before I finished the 5k walk. Oops, well, now I know lol. They look fun. 

Two achievement metals side by side. The left one says, "Happy Mail Carrier Day." The right one, "Turkey Day Leftovers 5k."
Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021 Walk/Run metals

October 5, 2021

Hi all, well, this month I'll be walking in a virtual 5-kilometer walk hosted by Virtual Run Canada. I'll be walking in the "Virtual Turkey Day Leftovers 5k 2021." 

I'm excited to receive my cool "Turkey" medal coming in the mail. I'll put up some photos shortly. So far, the weather has been ok and the outdoor walks have continued. 

I can see things slowly migrating to the treadmill more frequently as it gets colder. I'm not much of a winter walker, well, we'll see. 

Till the next walk. 

September 22, 2021

Lace-Up to End Diabetes. 

Well, it's been about twenty-two days since the kick-off for the Lace-Up to End Diabetes month. I'm walking for my sister who has Type 1 Diabetes. For more details click the link below. 

In other news, not sure where to put this, but I purchased this vibrating foam roller about four months from today's date. I made a quick review. May be useful. 

September 15, 2021

Hi all, I recently purchased some new runners for walking on my treadmill. Link below

Lace-Up to End Diabetes

August 29, 2021

Hi all, well, September is approaching and there is one virtual 10 km walking marathon (Lace-Up to End Diabetes). I'll be doing it with my family. I'll be doing moderate training for this event, and trying new things such as HIIT training with resistance bands and calorie deficit dieting. Let's see how things go. 

Virtual Canada Day Fun Walk/Run 2021 - 10k - Race Day July 1, 2021. Virtual Servus Edmonton Marathon 2021 - Half Marathon (Walking) - Race Day August 16th - 31st, 2021

Current daily activity will be between 3 km to 8 km more or less, with increasing distance. Rest days may be below 3 km. 

Outdoor Walking
Walking around outside at a medium pace. 

Rest Day
Not doing much, still walking, slower pace

Walking on the treadmill at a medium pace.

Outdoor Walking | Rest Day
Treadmill | Rest Day
Walking around at a slow pace on the treadmill, outside, or both. 

Any additional km from the rest of the day. 

DateTraining | NotesKilometers
May 16, 2021Outdoor Walking+4.94 km
May 17, 2021Outdoor Walking+    3.31 km
May 18, 2021Outdoor Walking - Raining+5.44 km
May 19, 2021Rest Day+0.12 km
May 20, 2021Treadmill+     6.95 km
May 21, 2021Outdoor Walking+     4.65 km
May 22, 2021Outdoor Walking+7.19 km
May 23, 2021Outdoor Walking+4.24 km
May 24, 2021Treadmill | Rest Day+5.31 km
May 25, 2021Rest Day+1.13 km
May 26, 2021Outdoor Walking and Treadmill+3.6 km
May 27, 2021Outdoor Walking+11 km
May 28, 2021Treadmill | Rest Day+6.42 km
May 29, 2021Outdoor Walking+ 9.75 km
May 30, 2021Outdoor Walking+11.73 km
May 31, 2021Rest Day+6.25 km
June 1, 2021Treadmill | Rest Day+8.78 km
June 2, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.31 km
June 3, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.88 km
June 4, 2021Outdoor Walking+7.72 km
June 5, 2021Outdoor Walking+10.12 km
June 6, 2021Rest Day+5.38 km
June 7, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.22 km
June 8, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.38 km
June 9, 2021Outdoor Walking | Treadmill+ 6.84 km
June 10, 2021Treadmill+8.97 km
June 11, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.91 km
June 12, 2021Outdoor Walking+17.44 km
June 13, 2021Outdoor Walking+6.05 km
June 14, 2021Outdoor Walking & Treadmill+7.4 km
June 15, 2021Treadmill+7.7 km
June 16, 2021Outdoor Walking+10.75 km
June 17, 2021Treadmill+6.26 km
June 18, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.3 km
June 19, 2021Outdoor Walking+11.81
June 20, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.23 km
June 21, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.09 km
June 22, 2021Outdoor Walking+10.69 km
June 23, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.23 km
June 24, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.24 km
June 25, 2021Outdoor Walking+7.74 km
June 26, 2021Treadmill+5.68 km
June 27, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.03 km
June 28, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.03 km
June 29, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking+9.03 km
June 30, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking 2.65 km
July 1, 2021Virtual Canada Fun Run / Walk 2021 | 10k10.06 km
July 2, 2021Treadmill+7.93 km
July 3, 2021Outdoor Walking+9.27 km
July 4, 2021Rest Day+2.89 km
July 5, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.08 km
July 6, 2021Treadmill+7.08 km
July 7, 2021Outdoor Walking+11.17 km
July 8, 2021Outdoor Walking+7.73 km
July 9, 2021Outdoor Walking+8.63 km
July 10, 2021Outdoor Walking+4.69 km
July 11, 2021Rest Day+1.73 km
July 12, 2021Outdoor Walking, Treadmill Walking+7.77 km
July 13, 2021Treadmill Walking, Outdoor Walking13.16 km
July 14, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking8.84 km
July 15, 2021
July 16, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking 9.3 km
July 17, 2021Treadmill7.07 km
July 18, 2021Rest Day+0.52 km
July 19, 2021Rest Day+0.32 km
July 20, 2021Outdoor Walking+6.02 km
July 21, 2021Outdoor Walking2.87 km
July 22, 2021Outdoor Walking3.41 km
July 23, 2021Outdoor Walking16.98 km
July 24, 2021Rest Day0.73 km
July 25, 2021Outdoor Walking6 km
July 26, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking7.74 km
July 27, 2021Outdoor Walking9.3 km
July 28, 2021Outdoor Walking8.24 km
July 29, 2021Outdoor Walking7.53 km
July 30, 2021Outdoor Walking6.6 km
July 31, 2021Treadmill, Outdoor Walking6.51 km
August 1, 2021Outdoor Walking6.51 km
August 2, 2021Outdoor Walking7.24 km
August 3, 2021Outdoor Walking9.13 km
August 4, 2021Outdoor Walking11.2 km
August 5, 2021Outdoor Walking8.18 km
August 6, 2021Outdoor Walking8.46 km
August 7, 2021Outdoor Walking9.35 km
August 8, 2021Rest Day0.21 km
August 9, 2021Outdoor Walking7.45 km
August 10, 2021Outdoor Walking, Treadmill Walking8.78 km
August 11, 2021Outdoor Walking8.6 km
August 12, 2021Outdoor Walking9.07 km
August 13, 2021Outdoor Walking, Treadmill9.97 km
August 14, 2021Rest Day
August 15, 2021Rest Day
August 16, 2021Virtual Servus Edmonton Marathon 2021 | 21k 
August 16th - 31st, 2021
21.24 km

August 17, 2021

Hi all, well, it's been a couple of days after the 21k virtual walking half marathon. Thought I would quickly reflect on the journey.

In the beginning, I was just walking and building up the body's strength solely through walking, and through the middle, I started adding resistance band training to help strengthen the muscles.

If I would do it all over again I would incorporate resistance band training right from the beginning.

I would not walk in outdoor trail shoes for a marathon. I would buy highly cushioned running shoes and walk in those instead.

The outdoor elements were unpredictable, we had a very poor quality air index due to some of the Canadian fires happening in BC, and an odd string of heat warnings from environment Canada.

So, I decided to walk it on my treadmill at 12:01 am because the house would be cooler, and hopefully, the air would be cleaner. It wasn't too bad walking it during those times. I didn't think it would take over six hours, yikes.

The pacing was another thing that I needed to work on, and still, need to work on. I find I like to walk for long periods, but I have to learn to set several steps for the day and stop walking. The main reason to avoid injuries.

So, on the day of the virtual walking half marathon, the first two hours I did very well. It wasn't until the 3rd and 4th hours where I felt like I was just not going to make it. I increased my breaks and decreased the speed on the treadmill.

The only problem with decreasing speeds is it takes a longer time to finish, but what do you do.

There were plenty of aches and pains throughout the whole journey, but nothing major, and now I'm just going to chill out and relax.

For diet stuff, I had to learn to cut back on food I like to eat and had to be controlled throughout all the days.

Overall, I feel great, it's awesome that it's done, and looking forward to the next one.

August 16th, 2021

Hi all, well, it was a long road of training from the data above, of course, time is not really important lol. 

Virtual Half Marathon Google fit stats

Virtual Half Marathon Final Time

August 8, 2021

Shameless plug

What's up all, Ryan here. Well, it's been a pretty intense week of walking.

Right now, I'm taking a break and just sitting on the couch doing nothing.

So, this week the race package came in for the half marathon that I'll be walking between August 15th to the 31st.

One part of me is very excited, and the other part of me is a little worried about the past injuries, which include, the two Achilles tendon ruptures and recently, the mild groin injury.

So, overall most of it is just aches, not so much pain, but caution is definitely on my mind.

This will be the first 21 km walking Marathon that I've ever done.

And, I have realized that I am going to be searching for a new pair of walking shoes right after the marathon.

The reason being, I'm approaching September and in Canada here, it starts to cool down, and then snow starts falling, so, I wanted to have a pair of shoes for my treadmill.

I will be participating in another walking marathon in September, and I will add more details to that later.

And just to elaborate on that a little bit further, I was thinking of doing 10 km on the treadmill, and then 10 km outside early in the morning.

Option number two is to do the full 21 km outside in the morning.

Of course, all of this will be based on the conditions of the weather outside.

Okay, till the next one, happy walking.

July 19, 2021

Hey what's up, Ryan here. Well, I'm officially taking one week off until next Monday.

It has surprisingly been a great couple of days, I feel much more refreshed because I'm letting my body catch up.

So, during my rest days, I've been doing predominantly the same thing aside from walking, and that is increasing my water intake.

I'm really monitoring my groin at this point and right now it seems to be doing much better, but I know that this is an injury that can take quite a while to heal.

In saying that, I believe I posted this in a past update of increasing my walking breaks during the 21 km walk Marathon.

I do find when I take rest breaks, my energy increases during the day, and towards the evening, I sometimes have problems sleeping.

So, we'll see how that goes towards the end of the week.

The resistance band training that I started has been paying off. I've noticed much more strength in my core muscles.

I've also noticed that the day after resistance band training, I am not as sore compared to weights.

For diet stuff, I'm skipping out on breakfast a little bit, and going with a lunch dinner schedule.

I'm a little bit heavier than usual, because of all of the Covid-19 breaks, and I want to lose a little bit of weight.

I do have to be careful when I start to fast, and exercise, because once in a blue moon, I will get a migraine, and I just want to make sure that that doesn't happen.

The Achilles tendons and calf area have been doing great. I think this is partially because, or, maybe the majority of this is because, I switched from a conventional foam roller, over to a vibrating foam roller.

The vibrating foam roller digs deep into the core muscle tissue, and I have noticed that they haven't been bothering me as much.

I have also increased my stretching of the body much more than I used to.

All in all not bad, I do have to go this week and get my second to Covid-19 shot.

I'll probably be a little bit woozy after that for the next couple of days, we'll see what happens.

Anyways, hope everybody is fine, happy walking.

July 10, 2021

Hey what's up all. Ryan here, well, after doing some further research and resting up a couple of days, I did realize that it was not my hip that I injured, but it was my groin.

So, in saying that, the next couple of weeks are going to be me taking it easy, I still will be walking frequently, but not as intense as before.

The strategy at this point is going to be to keep walking in a good comfort zone and as race day approaches, increase the rest days, and then on the race day, I will increase my brakes to a high frequency.

So for example, I'll take one break every 2.5 km for the whole 21 km race.

Again, I'm not walking fast or briskly, I'm walking at mid-pace. I think what happened with the 10K walking Marathon was I did it in the morning, and I got a little excited.

I walked a little bit too fast past my comfort zone, and that's what led to the injury, and as I said in the previous update I did not take too many breaks. I think I took only one break and that was it, and then the rest of the time I walked the whole thing

So, that's the game plan, for now, take lots of breaks, lots of rest days closer to race day, and monitor my pace.

July 1, 2021

Hi all. Well, I guess I would want to reflect a little bit on the first walking Marathon I did which was on July 1st, and it was called the Virtual Canada Fun Run/Walk 10k.

So, how did everything go? Well, I can say my body started to fatigue around the 8 km to 9 km mark. My upper back was aching a little bit.

And when I hit the 10 km mark and rested for a couple of hours, I realized, I had some aching pain in my left hip, which I've never had before.

There were little to no aches in my Achilles tendons, which was awesome. 

It was a really beautiful day outside, currently, we're in a heatwave, and I did the walk around 5:00 am till 7:00 a.m.

The only thing I could think of that was a little bit late was getting the resistance bands and doing more strength training alongside the walking.

So, I'll be focusing more on strength training with walking for the next walking marathon which is 21 km at the end of August.

June 30, 2021

Hi all, I created a blog post on the loop-style resistance bands I purchased to help to build my core for the longer walks. I also included some photos of the gloves I purchased specifically for loop-style resistance bands.

June 25, 2021

I put together an overview of the resistance bands I purchased for building up my core for longer walk distances. 

June 17, 2021

Started incorporating Resistance Training 

It's been another adventure in my world of resistance training. I've been lazy with the resistance training ever since my walking journeys started. Or, just inconsistent. 

Well, now as I increase the distances, I notice my core is weak. Actually, my core has always been weak. 

So, the solution was to get something in between weights and basic push-ups.

Resistance bands were the answer. Originally, I was going to buy the tube resistance bands with handles, but after further research, I went with the loop style resistance bands with optional handles and door stopper. 

I'll be experimenting with core exercises in the next couple of weeks. Let's see how it goes. 

The Polygon Heavy Duty Resistance Bands on a door hanger with one resistance band attached to the door stopper and removable handle. There is also a  rectangular polyester like case hanging to the right of the resistance band.
The Polygon Heavy Duty Resistance Bands on a door hanger with one resistance band attached to the door stopper and removable handle. There is also a  rectangular polyester-like case hanging to the right of the resistance band.  I got these from Amazon Canada.

June 11, 2021

Can You Train Only on a Treadmill for an Outdoor Walking Marathon? 

As of the data above, I'm coming up to about a month of training for my walking marathons. After doing a number of walks on the treadmill and outdoors, I can say, if I had one option, I would choose the outdoors. 

This is bias of course to my marathons. There are a few reasons. Walking outdoors provides a more accurate workout for the marathon because of the variety of surfaces, such as sidewalks, roads, grassy hills, trails, the list goes on. 

One other big reason is weather conditions. Weather is unpredictable come race | walk day, so training outside gives me the best ways to adapt. 

Oh, I'm talking about weather conditions for a local walking marathon, not an international walking marathon.  

The treadmill is great for walking indoors on days with heavy rain or snow. It's a great secondary workout. 

The main reason I don't like training too much on the treadmill is because of the controlled indoor conditions. 

The temperature is usually steady, if I use a fan, it's giving consistent wind flow, and the walking floor on the treadmill gives a slight bounce, which makes walking on it easy. 

These conditions are too controlled. The best example I can think of is walking outdoors after a long winter walking on the treadmill. My knees, ankles, and body are not used to uneven surfaces come spring.

So training outside for myself would be ideal. 

May 31, 2021

Hi all. Well, May is coming to an end and it's been a little bit of a battle controlling the pace of things. I'm lowering my kilometers, but upping my days. Yesterday I did about 11 km which was split into two walks. The second walk was a bit too much. 

I also noticed a slight aching feeling in my right calf area above the Achilles tendon. I'll be taking it easy the next couple of days making sure I don't overdo it. The vibrating foam roller works like a charm. 

June will be about doing less and controlling my kilometers. I'll also be increasing my rest days closer to the first marathon (Canada Day Fun Run/Walk). As for diet, I'm eating about three meals a day, but I'm getting cravings for carbohydrates. 

Potato chips are my weakness right now. I'll have to cut back a bit. I'm also drinking protein shakes with little consistency. I'll have to step it up in the shake department as well. 

Ok, till the next walk. Talk soon. 

May 22, 2021

Hi all, I created a blog post on the new electric foldable treadmill I recently purchased. Check out the link below. I'll be updating the experiences in the future. 

May 20, 2021

A slightly bird's eye view of the Altrax Fitness AX-T10 motorized treadmill in a home.
A slightly bird's eye view of the Altrax Fitness AX-T10 motorized treadmill in a home.

Hi all. Today the new treadmill and vibrating foam roller came in. I had the chance to set everything up, and I'll be putting out a review video on the Altrax Fitness AX-T10 motorized treadmill in the future.

I did get a chance to do a video on the vibrating and regular foam rollers I use. Check it out below. 

May 18, 2021

Rainy Walk Today

The rain took its toll today with a steady pour throughout the walk. Not too many people were on the paths. It sat about 9 degrees celsius with little wind. The first 2.5 km was great, but the second 2.5 km started to get a little damp. I did carry my good old umbrella, still, glad I made it back before the wind started picking up. 

My right upper calf started acting up ever so slightly, and I took a small break and gave it a decent stretch. 

In other news, the Step Stretch Jacket from Mountain Warehouse did a great job today. I layered with a cotton hoodie and polyester shirt. The Shadow Softshells also did great, didn't feel any moisture in my feet at all.

I did wear sweatpants and I don't think that was a good idea, the water built up towards the bottoms.

Walking Shoes 

Well, for these walking marathons, I'll be wearing the Shadow Softshell Waterproof shoes, and I'll be bringing my ASICS Keyano 23s out of retirement for the new treadmill. At this point, I would love to get a new pair, but COVID-19 has made everything more complicated in terms of going to shopping malls in my area. 

I didn't have the greatest experience buying shoes online. If you would like to check out that adventure click over to this blog post. 

May 17, 2021

Hi all. I just added the Virtual Canada Fun Run/Walk 2021. It's a 10-kilometer walk/run. I also added the race days to the datasheet above. 

Breaks, Diet & Virtual Marathon Thoughts.

Hi all, well, today I'm just looking over how I will attempt to accomplish 21km for this current marathon coming up. 

I don't see myself walking the full 21 km without a few breaks. In saying that, I'll have to figure out how many breaks I'll be taking. If I were to do some math, 5 km and hour approximately, and add one 15 minute break per hour. I should hopefully finish in about 5 to 5 1/2 hours. 

Nothing in stone for break time though, it will depend on how my body is feeling. 

I'm looking to inch up the kilometers gradually, and also increase the rest time gradually as the marathon comes closer to race day. 

For diet stuff, I'm just keeping a balanced diet of carbohydrates proteins, and fats. Here are a few links on nutrition from PubMed below. If I need to make changes, I'll update. 

Contemporary Nutrition Strategies to Optimize Performance in Distance Runners and Race Walkers [PubMed]

I'll also be doing calf raises in between walks, not sure if I'm going to do them every day, but I will be doing calf raises till the race day. 

I've walked a couple of marathons in the past, and this is the first virtual Marathon I've ever done, so, I'm curious how they're going to verify the data once the race has ended.

 I did a quick Google search on this topic, and from my research, some marathons ask for your tracking data from your app, or some sort of screenshot to verify your kilometers. 

Again, I'm not sure if this is the way that the Edmonton Marathon will do it, but I'll find out once I receive my race package.

 In other news, the vibrating foam roller is expected to be here this week, which would be nice, and the new treadmill is expected to be delivered in about 2 weeks. 

May 16, 2021

Upgrading My Treadmill & Foam Rollers

The first thing I wanted to do when it came to getting the environment ready for training, is to have the proper equipment in my house so I could train more frequently and not depend on the outdoor weather conditions.

Currently, I have the PROGEAR 190 manual treadmill, and I have purchased a new electric treadmill because I find electric treadmills are much better to have when my Achilles tendon injuries are acting up.

The reason why I'm upgrading to an electric treadmill is that I can adjust the treadmill speed manually.

I updated my current foam roller to a vibrating roller. This is also coming in the mail now from Amazon, and I'll give further updates on this post later.

So, the main reason why I bought the vibrating foam roller is that my calves tighten up, and I find that the foam roller that I currently have is not doing a good enough job. So, I'm hoping that the vibrating roller will give a deeper tissue massage for the calf muscles.

At this point with all the Covid-19 issues, I haven't decided which Marathon I'm going to attend because I don't know what marathons are going to be active in the future.

My Past Walking Marathons

2021 Canada Day Virtual Fun Run/Walk - 10k
2018 Ultra Night Run/Walk - 5k
2018 Servus Edmonton Marathon - 10k

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