My Manual vs. Electric Treadmill for Walking Under $1000 Canadian

In this video, I'm comparing my Progear 190 manual treadmill to my AltraX Fitness AX-T10 treadmill which is electric. I used both of these treadmills for walking. Both the manual and the electric treadmill were purchased from Amazon Canada for under $1000 Canadian.  

Updated March 26, 2022

I'm going through the differences of each treadmill in terms of intensity. I'm not running on the manual or electric treadmill, I am only walking. 

I did rupture both my Achilles tendons between 2010 and 2017, hence why there is so much walking going on. 

So, when it comes to the manual treadmill, the biggest difference compared to the electric treadmill is walking intensity. 

The manual treadmill is a much more intense walking workout, because of the endless incline, and my body weight. An average workout on my manual treadmill would be just under an hour of walking. 

As opposed to the electric treadmill, which I could extend the walking from an hour to 3 hours because of the electric running belt. 

When it comes to my max heart rate, the manual treadmill would get around 70% to 80% at about the 30-minute mark of walking. 

If I were to rate the manual treadmill for the walking intensity between low, medium, and high. I would put the manual treadmill at a medium to high walking intensity. 

The electric treadmill is a little bit more forgiving on days when I wanted to have a less intense walk workout. 

Further on in the video, I do walk on each treadmill with my socks on. Just a quick disclaimer, it's for demonstration purposes only. And I simply look over each computer display briefly. 

So, I did keep the manual treadmill for a couple of weeks after, just to see how things were going to go with the electric treadmill, and as of the date of this blog post, I have donated my manual treadmill, and I have gone 100% electric treadmill. 

Quick disclaimer. I'm not an expert in this field, please consult your local doctor before doing any physical exercise.

The Progear 190 manual treadmill and AltraX Fitness AX-T10 treadmill side by side, in a home, on a wooden floor.
The Progear 190 manual treadmill and AltraX Fitness AX-T10 treadmill side by side, in a home, on a wooden floor. 

My Manual Treadmill for Walking

  • Good intense walking under an hour.
  • No power needed, no cords, easy to set up and walk.
  • Fairly compact, it didn't take too much room in the workout area. 
  • Not good for easy days, the walking is always intense because of the incline and manual momentum. 
  • I had to hold on to the side rails at all times to keep the walking momentum.

My Electric Treadmill for Walking

  • Better for longer walks. Great for slow rest days. 
  • It's compact, but there are no quick-release knobs, so, it's a slow setup and takedown. 
  • It's fairly heavy to move around. 
  • Great for virtual walking marathons.
  • Older members of my family can also walk on it.

My Manual and Electric Treadmill Was Under $1000 Canadian.  

So, let's talk about the prices. When I last checked Amazon Canada, both the electric (AltraX Fitness AX-T10 treadmill) and manual treadmill (Progear 190 manual treadmill). were both under $1000 dollars Canadian. 

Update: March 26, 2022
AltraX Fitness AX-T10 electric treadmill was about $480 Canadian and the Progear 190 manual treadmill was about $380 dollars Canadian. The prices were from Amazon Canada. Of course, the prices will change. 

Was It Worth Switching From a Manual Treadmill to an Electric Treadmill for Walking?

For myself, yes. The electric treadmill has been a much better experience for walking, and it's nice that all the family members can use the electric treadmill without feeling overly exhausted. 

Which Treadmill Is Worth the Price, the Manual or Electric Treadmill? 

Well, because of the nature of my Achilles tendon injuries (on both feet), I would say I'm happy that I purchased them both and got walking more frequently. But, If I were to go back in time and purchase just one, it would most likely be the electric treadmill (AX-T10 electric treadmill).



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