My 3 Mistakes Walking with ASICS Running Shoes Outside


Sitting down on a concrete road with the Asics Gel-Kayano 23's on my feet.
Sitting down on a concrete road with the Asics Gel-Kayano 23's on my feet. 

Hey, what's up all? Ryan here. Well, in this video below, I briefly talk about some of the mistakes I made by purchasing ASICS running shoes for walking outdoors. Now, I love my ASICS running shoes for walking, and they are probably the most comfortable shoes that I have tried from all the other brands.

The first mistake was I did not factor in the outdoor conditions. When I was purchasing these running shoes for walking, basically, what I was doing was solely going off comfort and forgetting that the shoes that I'm purchasing were not waterproof. I live in Canada and in the spring we get lots of melting snow.

The second mistake was I underestimated the tread. For example, most of the time I was on sidewalks or pavement of some sort, but occasionally, I would go off onto trails that were hilly and had lots of gravel. I noticed when I approached those hilly areas, my ASICS running shoes started to slip.

The third issue was because they were running shoes, they were made very light, and I found that the sole was a little bit softer than I would like. When I was walking in the more off-trail areas, it would have been nice to have the sole a little bit more solid.



December 20th, 2021

Hi all, above is a video I made going over a few things I didn't keep in mind when I purchased my ASICS runners and used them as walking shoes.