Why I Stopped Intermittent Fasting (Migraine Story)


A giant water bottle, and a Google TV remote on a treadmill tray.
A giant water bottle, and a Google TV remote on a treadmill tray.

5:00 AM

I didn't wake up.

5:35 AM

I didn't wake up

6:13 AM 

Rise and dark. (Canada in the winter)

I wake up from my first month of intermittent fasting. It's pitch black outside, no biggie.

I put my Columbia knee-high socks on, get out of bed, and start heading down the stairs.

Oh wait, I forgot my gigantic two-gallon water bottle on the table. 

I walk down the creaking steps and pass a bright yellow light bulb above my head. (I tried the daylight bulbs before, gave me a headache so I switched to the soft light style)

I look at my rectangular black phone, hit the screen with my finger, and there it is, the ZERO app.

Well, it looks like I got about just under six hours of fasting to go. 




I walk to the kitchen, go to the fridge and bend down to reach for the clear and white Brita jug.

"Oh no," I mutter, half asleep.

"There's barely any water in the jug." 

My focus draws back to my stomach, it's still empty, wait...

My head feels a little off... (Shoulder shrug).

I head to my factory-looking sink area to put some water in the Brita jug. 

As the water pours, my stomach and head are having a yelling match with each other.

"Feed me man!" yells my stomach.

"Not till 12 PM!" says my head.

The water starts overflowing over the top of the Brita filtered jug. I pull it away from the sink and put the lid on it. 




The water slowly filters through. I put my big water bottle on the kitchen table and head to my home gym. (The living room)

I look at the time, my head cries, "6 more hours." 

The living room is dark, so I go open up the vertical blinds. Tiny flashes of light pass through the whole living room. 

I walk to the treadmill and turn on and activate the innovative, modern, state-of-the-art treadmill system I created with one flick of the light switch. (The fan from Costco and treadmill at the same time).

I head back to the kitchen to check on the Brita water. About halfway. 

My throat starts feeling dry, I gulp down the remaining water in my giant water bottle. 

The stomach keeps crying. I take a deep breath.

I grab my Google TV remote and turn on the TV.

I look back at the kitchen table, water is done. 

I grad the Brita water's handle and carefully pour the water into the one-inch opening into the water bottle. 


The water spills over to the outside of the water bottle. My eyes light up, my heart starts pounding! I quickly put the Brita down and grab the paper towel, but it was too late. 

The water has hit the kitchen table. 

"Wonderful." I sigh under my breath.

I clean up the water and head over to the living room.

I step on the treadmill.

Hit start

Start walking

The treadmill wheels are turning, the water bottle is full and I'm watching good old YouTube on the TV.

My stomach has stopped crying, but my calves have started ranting. 

I stare at my treadmill timer. 


I got about 30 minutes to go. 





I sit on my blue lazy boy feeling energetic, I take a sip of my water and stare at the TV.

I look over at the clock

and back at the T.V.

then back at the clock. 

Wait, I can't see the number one on my clock... 

I look at the number two, can't see that now. 


Oh crap, I think to myself, this can't be happening again. 

I get up quickly from the lazy boy and head to the fridge. I try to grab a bowl of cereal as fast as I can.


I eat the cereal at a swift pace. I then take a deep breath, it looks like I'm in the clear!


Noooooooo, I yell in my mind completely defeated.

This is my second migraine on an empty stomach after walking.

So, I stopped intermitted fasting.

And That's that.