My Portable Peloton Treadmill for Walking Idea


My Imaginary Portable Peloton for Walking
My Imaginary Portable Peloton for Walking 

After looking at Peloton's design, I notice that their treadmill has a cool zigzag look from the side. The treadmill also has handrails and a big-screen display. After scratching my head and thinking about it. Hmm. "What would it be like if I could make my own portable Peloton for walking?" So, here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, the drawing up top is completely imaginary. Oh, Quick disclaimer. I am not affiliated with Peloton, and I am not a digital drawing expert (As you can tell).

Ok, let's all head to the drawing board so I can explain this thing. 

1. This is what the treadmill would look like folded. I have no idea if this would make any sense, but it would be cool if the portable walking treadmill had no railings and could easily fit in a closet or even under the bed.

2. If I were to step on the treadmill and look down, it would look something like this. I would probably want a basic, minimalistic look with enough room for this screen, but the screen would be flush and flat with the rest of the treadmill.

3. This is what the treadmill would look like if it was unfolded and ready for use, it would be flat with a little circle in the center for the folded part, and there would be nothing much going on. The height would have to be able to fit under my bed.