Vulken 13" Vibrating Foam Roller Review 2022 (Video Post)

The Vulken 13' vibrating foam roller sitting on its side at an angle.
The Vulken 13' vibrating foam roller sitting on its side at an angle.

Hey, what's up all? Ryan here. Okay, so today there is a review on the Vulken 13 inch, vibrating foam roller. I'm just doing a quick summary here on the blog post. I purchased this from Amazon Canada, approximately six months ago, give or take. And the going price was about $60 or so, at the time (don't quote me on that).

Overall, the Vulken vibrating foam roller sits at around 13 inches from top to bottom. And then the diameter of the vibrating foam roller is about three inches.

In the video, I go over the functions of the vibrating foam roller, and some of the features. If I were to go back in time and buy this again with the knowledge that I know now, I probably would not have purchased it.

I have two Achilles tendon ruptures from the past. If you feel like reading more on my AC injuries, you can click on the about me section.

I noticed that the vibrating foam roller actually does not isolate the calf muscles as efficiently as I thought it would. The alternative may be getting a massage gun instead of another vibrating foam roller, but I am still thinking things over.

Anyways, that's only biased in my opinion. This is still a pretty good foam roller, and depending on what your needs are it may be the right one for you. Thanks, happy watching.

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