I Walked 30,000 Steps a Day (Once). Here's The Reality

 Updated: January 7, 2023

My 30,000 Steps a Day Google Fit data showing a bar graph.
My 30,000 Steps a Day Google Fit data.

My 30,000 Steps a Day (Once). Here's the Google Fit Data. Let's Talk About it.

Ok, the reason why I walked 30,000 steps in one day was that I was doing a very slow walking marathon on my treadmill. That's another story. 

Let's take a look at the Google Fit data above. I was using my Android device which I placed in my pocket for the whole half marathon.

As we can see, all the 30,000 steps were from 12 am to around 6:30 am. The walking slowly starts to decrease due to getting tired. 

From around 7 am to 2 pm, I have a good sleep and continue the rest of the day doing normal walking activities. Such as, going to the market to get groceries, etc. 

After the 30,000 steps, much later in the day, there is a peak of over 3000 steps. I hopped on my treadmill again for some more walking. 

So, the total steps on that day (according to Google Fit) was 44,310 steps a day. 

My 30,000 Steps During the Virtual Half Marathon on My Treadmill (Below).

Google Fit data showing over 30,000 steps a day data.
30,000 steps a day (once). Google Fit data

These are approximate. If I was wearing an activity tracker, I'm sure the numbers would be more interesting.  

Did I Actually Walk 30,000 Steps Exactly?

No, the actual amount of walking steps was 30,907 steps during my virtual half marathon. 

How Long Did It Take to Walk 30,000 Steps? 

According to my Google Fit data, the move time was 343 minutes which works out to 5.72 hours. I was walking at a medium pace, which was a speed of 3 on my treadmill. After the second hour, I move the speed down to 2.5. Taking the speed down increased the move time and hours walked. That was a surprise, I really didn't want to decrease the speed. 

How Many Kilometers and Miles were my 30,000 Steps?

According to Google Fit, my 30,907 steps were 21.24 kilometers or 13.2 miles. 

How Many Calories Did I Burn After 30,000 Steps?

The calories burned were 1,328 Cal according to Google Fit. I take the Calories burned with a grain of salt. If I were to compare the 1,328 Cal to how I was feeling while walking the 30,000 steps, I would say, the 1,328 calories data seems a bit low, but who knows.  

What Walking Shoes Was I Wearing During My 30,000 Steps on My Treadmill

Here is where I made a much bigger mistake than I anticipated. I was using my trail runners to walk the 30k steps because, originally, I was supposed to be walking outside, full story here. So, I didn't want to switch my shoes on the day of the virtual half marathon. I kept the trail shoes on and they had less cushioning. The good news was, that my treadmill had a semi-bouncy walking deck, so, I was ok.  

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Did My Body Ache During the 30,000 Steps? 

Yes, after the second hour of walking, my back started aching with my Achilles' tendons. I increased the breaks to a higher frequency. After increasing the breaks, I felt much better.

 Quick update, I did eventually get a Fitbit Inspire 2 activity tracker. I did a blog post with the pros and cons. 

Here Is a Quick Video I Recorded (Below) While Walking My 30K Steps

So, What did Walking 30,000 Steps in One Day... (Night) Feel like? 

I already had major Achilles tendon ruptures from my past so, this was basically the limit. 

Walking 30,000 steps in one day on my body was fine for the first two hours, but man, the last four hours were unnecessarily hard. I was taking breaks of course, but my body and mind were completely out to lunch... well, breakfast. 

My calves and back were sore, due to a lack of resistance training. I did start resistance training for the big walk, but I think it was too late. I had to lower the speed down on my treadmill after two hours.

I started making clumsy mistakes after 5 am. Like accidentally hitting the magnetic safety clip on the treadmill. This caused the treadmill to shut down.   

Walking the 3600 steps-ish on the treadmill later in the day was a mistake. I should of let the body relax. But, I didn't. 

What Was My Sleep Like After Walking the 30K Steps? 

The sleep after the 30,000 steps was amazing. Man, I wish I could get good sleep like that every day. 

Did I Walk My 30000 Steps Alone? 

No, I had family around, but I walked most of the 30,000 steps alone. There's only so much support I could get from my family before bedtime.

Did I Like Walking My 30k Steps on My Treadmill? 

I think walking the 30,000 steps would have been more enjoyable in the good old outdoors instead of on my treadmill.

How Was Recovery After the 30,000 Steps?

For recovery, I only had my vibrating foam roller to deal with all the muscles. I eventually got a massage gun which does a better job. I was sore for a few days. My upper and lower body was aching. My mood was also a bit off.  

Would I Walk 30,000 Steps In One Day Again?

At this point, if I had enough resistance training, good enough outdoor conditions, and a support network. I would think about it. 


There you go, my experience walking 30,000 steps a day (once). Overall it was an experience I'll never forget. I'm happy I tried it at least once. I have a post on my walking gear as well. Thanks for clicking by. Oh, of course, I'm not a professional, please seek out your local physician when planning any physical exercise.  

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