How I Turn Shoes Into Slippers (Runners)


Saucony trail shoes converted into a pair of "slippers."
 Saucony trail shoes converted into a pair of "slippers."

Hi all, in the video below. I took an old pair of my Saucony trail shoes (that I loved), and I converted them into a pair of "slippers." Here's how I did it. 

The Steps

1. I first cleaned the shoes as best I could to remove any mud from the sole. So, when I place it on a table, everything stays clean.

2. I got a pair of more industrial styles scissors to cut with. Oh, make sure you be safe out there. If you are using any sort of sharp device, be careful and ask for help if needed. 

3. I removed the laces.

4. I completely pulled the tongue towards the toe box as far as it could go. Check out the video for a better look. 

5. I carefully cut the tongue out of the shoe. Making sure I did not damage or cut through any parts of the toe box.

6. I double-checked to see if my foot would slip in and out. Yup, good. 

7. I walked around to make sure my feet wouldn't slip out.

And there you have it. DIY walking shoes to slippers. Of course, not all shoes are created equal, and you may have different results.