My Walking Treadmill Idea for Living Rooms


A digital drawing of my treadmill design.
My Walking Treadmill Idea That Looks Like Furniture

I have a treadmill in my living room and it stands out like a sore thumb. I created a digital drawing of a walking treadmill that would look much better (In my opinion of course). Quick disclaimer, I create these for fun, I'm not a professional in treadmills or digital drawings (as you can tell).

1. Walking Treadmill's Detached Side Table (Tabletop)

The detached tabletop for the water, TV remote, and other wonderful things. I would make it blend in with the home. Maybe an off-white color, charcoal. It would be cool if the tabletop was able to move from the front of the walking treadmill to the side. 

2. Computer Display

I'm on the fence with the computer display. There would have to be an on/off switch somewhere. I have seen walking treadmills with a remote, but the only issue is, what if I lose the remote. So, I'm not sure where the safety clip and start-stop buttons would be. I would scrap the app idea to lessen the resistance when walking, in other words, just make it super easy to turn on. 

3. Treadmill's Walking Deck Area

The walking deck would have no railings with a simple walking belt, motor, and computer display. Having no railings makes it disappear in the living room lol. I could see the walking deck blending in with the already existing furniture. The overall look would be minimalistic. The treadmill would have a walking length of over 48".

4. Adjustable Detached Side Table (Back View)

Instead of an attached railing to the treadmill for the water, smartphone, and remote (hypothetically of course). I would make it look like a side table with an adjustable shaft between the tabletop and base. I would raise up the shaft while I'm walking on the treadmill, and lower it back down to couch height when I'm done. 

5. Treadmill's Walking Deck (Back View)

The walking deck would have no incline just to keep things simple, and a few transportation wheels at the front for easy moving. I could see this setup beside a chair or couch. 

6. Adjustable Shaft and Base

The adjustable shaft and base would be solid with the ability to move around. I didn't put wheels on the base because it might be better if it was completely on the ground. I have no clue lol. Optional wheels?
The shaft would have an easy, but efficient way to bring the tabletop up and down. I was thinking of something quick release instead of screw-in locking knobs. 

Well, there you have it, my walking treadmill for the living room idea.