Everything Vanishes. A Walking Story

A sign pointing at the sun during a sunset.

I walk down the street and pass by a tree, I remember that tree, Oh what a wonderful tree. Wait a sec, there was a leaf on this tree... it vanished. 

Now I walk further down the path, and the thought of the leaf appears in my mind.


A cyclist turns the corner and starts heading towards me, I move to the right, the cyclist zooms by.

As I focus on the cyclist, the leaf I was thinking about vanishes. No big deal, I'll start thinking about the leaf again. 

Now the cyclist has vanished. 

The day continues with wonderful sunshine, and then, a sun shower, Nice. I look up and see a rainbow in a beautiful field with roses and daisies... Just kidding, the rainbow is above a Walmart attached to a strip mall across the highway. (I live in the city). 

I focus on the rainbow, "Wow man, cool." 

The cyclist and leaf have now vanished. 

Then I get a call from my house. 

"Quickly! We need milk!" 

Oh no I say, I'll walk over to the Walmart and grab some.

The leaf, cyclist, and rainbow have now vanished.

I walk into the Walmart and someone grabs that last milk, looks back at me, and says,

"hahaha you fool, it's Tuesday, and hobbits should wear shoes!"

Then, as I WTF, I stand in line in front of the hobbit dude, thinking about what combination of air and vocals just released from his mouth. 

I stay perplexed all the way home, I  continue thinking about the words hobbit man muttered. 

Now the leaf, cyclist, rainbow, Walmart, and hobbit dude have vanished. 

I continue to think about what the hobbit man said. I walk to a set of lights and push the button. 


The lights don't change. I focus on the bright "Walk," light, then, hit the button five times because that always works... 

The leaf, cyclist, rainbow, Walmart, hobbit dude, and set of lights have vanished. 

I drop my house keys near a sewer drain, I look down at my keys. 

The leaf, cyclist, rainbow, Walmart, hobbit dude, set of lights, and sewer drain have vanished.

I pick up my keys and finally walk home. 


She looks at me... she says, "Ryan, uncle Frank just died."

I become sad, I'm already so tired from walking, and uncle Frank was like my best friend. 

Then, In my tiredness, I stub my toe on the cold hard metal bed frame upstairs.

Ahhhhh! All I think about is the pain. 

The leaf, cyclist, rainbow, Walmart, hobbit dude, set of lights, sewer drain, and uncle Frank have vanished. 

I finally get to bed after my long walk. I hit my bed and fall into a deep sleep. 

Everything vanished.