Deep Life Lessons Learned From Walking a Half Marathon

A bird's eye view of a compact treadmill with a massage gun on the tray.
A bird's eye view of a compact treadmill with a massage gun on the tray.

I had the chance to slow-walk a half marathon in 2021. It took me about 6.5 hours to finish, and I learned a few life lessons from that experience. 

Focusing on the Half Marathon Created Imaginary Interference

I set the goal to walk 21 km, got all the necessary equipment, purchased new walking shoes, and let the family know I was slow-walking a half marathon. But, everyday life was still the same. As I walked around training, I was blinded from the simple everyday tasks that still needed to be done no matter what. Whenever I would over-focus on the walking goal, it created artificial interference in my mind with everything non-marathon-related. 

Walking Goals Made Me Ungrateful

Creating the walking goal put my mind into the future, which more or less made everything in my present moment dissatisfying. 

So What's Next for Slow-Walking Marathons?

I'm trying to think on a day-to-day basis to keep me smiling more and not blinding my focus on the finishing goal. 

It's not easy though, I enjoy being involved in "finish line," activities. 

The hard part is the drifting mind when walking. The good news is, I can catch myself a little when going into a long "daydream." 

I did cut out my headphones while walking to help stay in the moment. 

I'm going to bring down the kilometers from 21k to 5k and 10k. Walking marathons are fun, but 6.5 hours was too much. Well, I'm not saying an official "no," to 21k walking marathons, I would consider doing another one with a much smarter training plan.  5k and 10k walks are less time-consuming and easier to train for. 

So, we'll see how the slow-walking marathon training will go this year. 

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