My Treadmill Walking Music Playlist Story

Updated: April 10, 2022
A bird's eye view of a treadmill with ASICS runners on the walking deck.
A bird's eye view of a treadmill with ASICS runners on the walking deck. 

My Music Playlist for Treadmill Walking

  • Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the rainbow.
  • Khalid - Better
  • Thomas Bergersen - Final Frontier 
  • Malte Marten & Sergio Huerta Perez - Gio's Handpan
  • Shallou - Count On (feat. Colin)
  • 2WEI - Echoes - Blackburn
  • Malaa - Notorious
  • Aventura, Bad Bunny - Volvi
  • Becky G, Karol G - MAMIII
  • The Weekend - Wicked Games
  • The Weekend - The Knowing
  • Meri Kahani Meri Zubani Instrumental
  • LMFAO - Best Night

My Treadmill Walking Story

"What do you mean I need walking shoes!"

My lazy brain reacts to today's first of two treadmill walks.

I walk up my creaky stairs to the front door. 

"There you are," I mumble, grabbing my awesome ASICS walking shoes for the day. 

I walk over to the living room and look outside. It's about -18 degrees Celsius. 

The window looks like a white rectangle of moving haze of overcast clouds hoarding the sunlight. 

I take a look at the treadmill and realize my calf muscles are about as cold as the inside of my freezer.

"Where's that massage gun," the brain mutters again.

Suddenly! CaClunk!

I hear the mailbox close outside. My excitement lasts about as long as a pen escaping its lid. 


The massage gun fires up.

My mind starts to wander while looking for my smartphone. 

The treadmill looks like it's underwater with a glow-like reflection from the blue blinds. 

The room feels cold this morning. 

"There it is!" I silently mutter with delight.  

I open up the phone and confusingly navigate through the labyrinth of apps. 

I step on the chilly treadmill's walking deck. 




I look up again from the long, rectangular mysterious almost magic 8 ball. 

"Should I get the mail?" 

There is a long pause of treadmill start button hesitation. 

A ray of sunlight flashes through and lands on the blue carpet.   

"Na, I'll get it later."