Walking 2 Million Steps With Little Diet Change. Here’s the Reality

Greetings, Ryan here, well, I didn't think I would ever walk two million steps in my life, It took a while, but it did happen.  Unfortunately, when I walked over 2 million steps, I didn't make too many changes to my diet. So, the reality was, I didn't lose too much weight.  Let's take a deeper dive into what happened. 

Why I Started Walking All the Way Past 2 Million Steps

I was at an ok weight before the pandemic, but sitting around in my home during lockdowns started to take its toll. I peaked around 180 lbs and I needed to make some changes fast. That's what a couple of teas with two sugars every day basically did.

Great, I Got Some Walking Gear, but Again No Real Diet Change   

Fast forward to 2021, I upgraded my treadmill, put it in my living room, and purchased some resistance bands. I walked almost every day and cut out most of the sugar from my diet. Unfortunately, I didn't do much else. 

Did I Have a Diet Log? A Diet Plan? When Was I Eating?

I was still eating late at night or whenever I felt hungry. No diet plan, no logging meals, nothing.  

What Was My Diet Like on My Walks?

If I wasn't on my treadmill, I would walk out to nice grassy areas in my city. The sweet tooth would get me on the longer walks, and I would grab a classic Canadian Tim Horton's Iced Capp on the way back home. Like I said, little diet change. Unfortunately, the good old sugary drinks became a bit of a habit on the longer walks. Yikes. 

How Many Pounds Did I Lose After Walking 2 Million Steps?

My weight range was from 179 lbs to 169 lbs. The time length was from January to December 2021, but I didn't start walking every day till about May. My weight decreased by about 10 lbs from May to December 2021.

Weight stats from my Google Fit App
Weight stats from my Google Fit App

How Fast Was I Walking? Quick Answer, Not Fast

The walking style was casual. I was not walking at a brisk pace at all. The reason for the slower walking was that I ruptured both my Achilles tendons between 2010 - 2017 playing good old sports.

Here Are the Over 2 Million Steps Month by Month

Walking stats from my Google Fit App
Walking stats from my Google Fit App

Walking stats from my Google Fit App
Walking stats from my Google Fit App

Above are the eight months I walked. The blue bubble-like circles tell you how much walking is going on. The bigger the bubble, the more steps. 

Let’s Look at the 2 Million Steps Further Month to Month

Let's take a look at the monthly steps below. I was using my Google fit phone app with no activity tracker at the time. I have never looked at my walking steps totaled every month. It looks like tons of steps, but it sits just over 10,000 steps when you average it out.

273,512 - May Steps
433,296  - June Steps
358,233 - July Steps
449,149  - August Steps
420,352 - September Steps
290,329 - October Steps
279, 271 - November Steps
257,473 - December Steps

Did I Walk 2 Million Steps Exactly? 

No, I walked 2,761,615 Steps between May to December 2021.

2 Million Steps Plus, Here’s the Average Steps per Day

2,761,615 steps / 245 days = 11,271 average steps per day

How Long Did It Take Me to Walk Two Million Steps Ish

Looking at the numbers above, and if my math is right. I had to walk 2,761,615 steps for about eight months to lose about 10 pounds at a casual walking pace. 

Fast forward: Changes I Made to My Diet

I started portioning my food into smaller amounts and when I would get the sweet tooth, I would eat an apple or banana. The reason I struggle with calorie deficits is that when I don't eat enough in the evening, I get migraines, usually in the morning. 

I created a daily walking routine with high-intensity interval training. The HIIT exercise I chose was squats. 

So far, after incorporating walking every day with squats, I'm down to about 165 lbs. 

Will I Walk Another 2 Million Steps

I love to walk every day, so, in saying that, it would be nice to walk another 2 million steps.

The Walking Journey Goes On

Well, there you have it, those are my results after walking 2 million steps with little diet change. Thanks for reading. Oh, quick disclaimer, I’m not a professional. Please talk to your local experts about weight loss and exercise plans.