Adjusting My Altrax Fitness Treadmill Belt to the Right

Hi all. In this video, I'm adjusting my Altrax Fitness AX-T10 treadmill belt to the right using an Allen key or hex key. I briefly explain how the back roller of the treadmill works. I also walk on the treadmill a few times checking to see how centered the treadmill belt is.

Disclaimer stuff: I'm not a professional and have no affiliation with the company. 

The left Altrax Fitness Treadmill Adjustment Bolt
The left Altrax Fitness Treadmill Adjustment Bolt

Adjusting My Altrax Fitness Treadmill Belt Right

Ok, I'm behind the Altrax Fitness treadmill with the walking belt and two adjustment bolts facing me. The adjustment bolts are located on either side near the back roller of the Altrax treadmill. 

I have the Altrax treadmill turned on at a slow speed.

I insert the L-shaped hex key on the left adjustment bolt.

When I tighten the left adjustment bolt on the back roller by turning the hex key to the right a quarter turn, the adjustment bolt is pulling the walking belt towards me on the left side. So, when that happens, the walking belt starts the shift over to the right. Check out the video above. 

I give the walking belt some time to adjust to the right and make adjustments to the bolt by turning the bolt a quarter turn. 

The walking belt went too far to the right, so, I had to turn the left adjustment bolt to the left a quarter turn. 

I walk briefly on the treadmill because when I put my body weight on the walking belt, it can also slightly adjust the walking belt. The goal is to get the walking belt as centered as I can after adjusting the adjustment bolts and walking on it.