How Far Is 30,000 Steps?

My Altrax Folding Treadmill's walking belt.
My Altrax Folding Treadmill I used to walk 30,000 steps.

Over 30,000 steps from Google Fit Data.
Over 30,000 steps from Google Fit Data. 

Well, I had the crazy idea to walk a slow virtual half marathon on my treadmill back in 2021. So, from my extremely limited experience, it was about 21.24 kilometers (13.2 miles) and 30,907 walking steps according to my Google Fit data above. The total time to walk the 30,000 steps was 6:28:27. Finally, calories burned was 1,328 Cal. 

If you're looking for all the details or the lead-up to how I walked 30,000 steps. Check out the links below.

A google time showing a time of 6:28:27 hours.
Total time to finish walking 30,000 steps

Full stories here:

For the second story above, you'll have to scroll down to get to the final virtual half marathon training (30,000 steps) part. 

I'm not a professional, please get in contact with your local physician before doing any sort of physical exercise.