Treadmill in the Living Room. My Pros & Cons


A compact treadmill in a small living room beside a wall (Right). There is also a couch and lift chair towards the left.
Treadmill in the Living Room

Pros: Treadmill in the Living Room

  • Easy to exercise: Since the treadmill is in the living room, there is little resistance to getting on it and going for a walk.
  • Beautiful natural light: I had my first treadmill in the basement which had its perks (cooler). Not having natural light was a downer, especially in the wintertime. 
  • Safety: Having the treadmill in the living room instead of the basement or bedroom, makes me more aware of the home and surroundings. 
  • Conversation starter: The treadmill in the living room has started many conversations about fitness and life. It's usually the first thing people see when they sit on the couch.

Cons: Treadmill in the Living Room

  • Heat: Even with a large oscillating fan, the living room heats up in the living room during the summer. Which sometimes can be uncomfortable. 
  • Kids: My nieces and nephews love to jump on the treadmill and play. I have to make sure the safety key is out and keep the little ones occupied with another playful activity. 
  • Awkward: Watching movies or having friends come over is fun, except, the treadmill becomes a very large piece of furniture that everyone has to get used to.
  • Cleaning: Like everything else, the treadmill in the living room gets dusty, and moving it around the living room to get to those hard-to-reach vacuum spots can be tough. 
  • It can get loud: I think I've ruined many movie nights by firing up the treadmill.

Can I Put the Treadmill Next to a Wall?

I currently have my compact treadmill about half a foot away from the wall. I'm using my treadmill for walking and it works fine. I've had family members run on the treadmill, and I was weary because the treadmill was close to a few picture frames. Nothing fell, but if I was running, I would move it further away from the wall.

Can I Hide My Treadmill in the Living Room?

The way I hide my treadmill in the living room, is to place it near a corner wall away from the main couch. It still sticks out, but it's not completely the center of attention (in my opinion of course).

Do I Use the Treadmill More in the Living Room?

Yes, I use to have my treadmill in my basement, and I only went down to use it for my scheduled walks. Since I put my treadmill in the living room, I'm walking on it while I watch the news and TV shows. I also started walking after dinners because the treadmill is next to the dining room. Having my treadmill in the living room has definitely increased my daily walking.


If I were to go back in time and do it all over again, I would look for a walk pad. Which means, there are no handrails. Aside from that, having the treadmill in the living room has been more of a good thing than bad. 

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