Why I Walked Away From StepBet, but No Hard Feelings

For the breakdown of what StepBet is, check out their website's information here. 

According to my Paypal data, I was on StepBet between May 26th, 2021 to December 14th, 2021. I was also a member. 

I joined a number of games, usually, three-week and six-week durations. 

I was using my Google Fit data at the time to sync to StepBet's app. 

Overall, StepBet is a great app, I had no issues with syncing, the community was fine, and payouts to my Paypal were also fine. 

So, StepBet's algorithm put me in a range of about 9000 steps on regular days, and 12,000 steps on power days. 

Both games offered one rest day, which was on Sundays.

Ok, to win the games, I had to complete all my steps for the regular days and power days. If I don't make my steps for one day, I lose the money from the game. 

I left StepBet because of the increasing walking steps the app would set according to my past Google Fit data over time. The steps were getting set a little too high for me. 

That made me have to look for games that had lower steps or more rest days. In my case, I found a game that kept the step count the same. 

Over time, I noticed I was stressing about my walking steps and becoming irritated from overwalking. 

I cashed out on December 14th, 2021, and stopped using the app after that. 

No hard feelings, StepBet was great, just wasn't for me.  

I'm not a professional, I have no affiliation with StepBet. 

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