My Big Mistakes Walking 30,000 Steps in One Day


A collection of participation medals from past virtual walking marathons and races.
A collection of participation medals from past virtual walking marathons and races. 

So, to give better context. I was training for a virtual walking half marathon in 2021, which totaled around 30,000 steps. Here are my big mistakes while training. I'm talking from my personal experience and I'm not a professional at all. 

Mistake 1 - I Should Have Started Resistance Training Much Earlier

In the beginning, I was not walking even close to the 30,000 step mark. I was gradually increasing my steps week after week. My body was fine around the 5000 to 10,000 steps mark, but my body started to ache after training past 10,000 steps. I started resistance training about halfway through, using resistance bands. The resistance training was not for my legs, it was for my core and back. I should have started resistance training right from the beginning. 

Mistake 2 - I Was Wearing Trail Running Shoes, That Didn't Work Out 

I was wearing trail running shoes throughout the training, all the way to the 30,000 steps. This was a bad move, my trail running shoes were too stiff and clunky if that makes sense. If I were to go back in time, I would have used better-cushioned running shoes to walk the 30,000 steps. 

Mistake 3 - I Should Have Got a Massage Gun Instead of a Vibrating Foam Roller

So, when I was on the way to 30,000 steps, I was using a vibrating foam roller to take care of any stiff muscles. Unfortunately, when it comes to training for the 30,000 steps, a vibrating foam roller did not cut it. The vibrating foam roller didn't give a deep enough tissue massage like the massage gun did. I should have purchased a massage gun to isolate some of my aching muscles. I didn't get a massage gun till about a year after. 

Mistake 4 - I Didn’t Think the 30,000 Steps Would Take Over 5 Hours

On the day of the virtual walking half marathon. My initial thought was I was going to finish all the 30,000 steps in about five hours. Of course, this was only a thought and remained a thought. The total time was around six and a half to seven hours. And the reason was that I had to increase my breaks between steps, and lower my pace. 

Mistake 5 - I Didn’t Use an Activity Tracker, I Used My Phone to Track the 30,000 Steps

Well, at the time, I was using my smartphone's Google fit app to track the 30,000 steps. So, I had to hold the phone at all times or place it in my pocket. For the first 10,000 steps I had no issues, but closer to the 30,000 steps, the phone was nonsense. I used my smartphone to track steps for a while because I was still searching for an activity tracker. I eventually got one long after the virtual walking half marathon.

Mistake 6 - My Diet Was All Over the Place

Diet was overlooked most of the time during the 30,000 steps. I was eating my regular meals on top of any additional meals if needed. I was also drinking protein shakes which was also a big help. The problem was, that I had no diet log and all my good old eating habits were at random times throughout the day. I still don't have a diet log yet... I really should get one.

Mistake 7 - I Didn't Really Get the Best Sleep

Nope, I slept like crap. The culprit? My smartphone. I usually listen to podcasts at night till I doze off. I found listening to my podcasts was not a good idea while training for the 30k steps. It kept me up. 

Mistake 8 - I Would Walk at Random Times Throughout the Day

I never really had a strict walking routine. I would walk when I felt like it. Unfortunately, this was not a good move, especially when training for the 30000 steps. I should have created a routine with more consistent walking times. 

Life After the 30,000 Steps

For myself, walking 30,000 staps was hard at the time, but it was a great experience. I don't really miss it though. I would do it again making sure I cover the past mistakes from above. I did forget to mention I had major injuries long before the 30,000 steps.

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