Altrax Fitness Treadmill After One Year of Walking

Ok, here we are, just over a year with the Altrax Fitness foldable treadmill. I purchased it for walking in 2021. Here is a video update below. 

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I Spilled Juice and Water on the Altrax Fitness Treadmill’s Motor Cover (My Bad).

There were two spills of juice and water just above the motor cover. The spills were cleaned to the best of my ability and the treadmill motor is running fine. 

The Treadmill’s Display LCD / Trey Is Still Slippery. 

I have a few grip mats I use for my water bottle. 

I Don't Really Trust the Plastic Handle Bars

I usually hold the area closest to the treadmill trey and try to stay away from holding the handlebars on the very ends. Again, nothing has happened with the handlebars, just being cautious. 

How Is the LCD Display?

The LCD display is fine.

Is the Walking / Running Belt Still Quiet?

The running / walking belt has been fairly quiet for the past year, but there is a small creak sound once in a while when I walk on it. I'm not sure why it's creaking, it could be from something I did, or wear and tear.

How About Adjusting the Treadmill Belt? 

The hardest experience for this treadmill is adjusting the treadmill belt with the Allen key. I find getting the treadmill belt towards the center is a challenge. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Altrax Fitness foldable treadmill has been fine. I don't really move the treadmill and I have only folded it once. For walking, it's doing the job. I will say because there is no incline, the walking time needs to stretch out a bit to get a satisfying workout. 

The size is great for a small basement or living room. It still sticks out but is better than an inclining treadmill. 

I'm not a fan of moving the Altrax treadmill around, it's fairly heavy. I'll have to get a hand truck to safely move it in the future. 

I'll see if the Altrax Fitness treadmill will go another year before I start looking around for another one. In saying that, if it ain't broke, I won't fix it. 

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Till the next walk.