Best Time to Walk on a Hot Day? (My YouTube Poll)

 I recently asked my YouTube community when the best time was to walk on a hot day. Here are the results so far. 

Quick note: This YouTube poll is for fun and should not be mistaken for medical advice. Please seek out your local physician before doing any exercise. 

Best Time to Walk in Hot Weather: My YouTube Community Poll. 

A poll showing more people like to walk in the morning on a hot day.
My YouTube Community Poll: Best time to walk on a hot day? 

What Were the Answer Options? 

Ok, here is the official question: Best time to walk on a hot day? There were three answer options.

Early morning

Late evening

No walking

What Were the Results? My YouTube Community Poll 

Taking a look at my YouTube community's results so far. After 32 votes, "Early morning," walking is sitting in the lead at 63%. There is a tie between "Late evening," walking and "No walking," both sitting at 19%. 

The Youtube community poll will be up for a while, so, feel free to vote on my YouTube channel. Here is the link below. 

Vote Here: Best time to walk on a hot day? (My YouTube Community Poll)

My Current Thoughts:  Best time to walk on a hot day?

When I first started walking consistently, I never really cared about what time I would walk. For example, if it was clear skies with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, I would start my walk around 2pm and walk for about two hours. 

The reality was, that I was too tired from the sun, and couldn't function the rest of the day. In saying that, these days, the heat waves here in Canada have made walking outside challenging from May to August. 

My solution was to increase my treadmill time indoors in a controlled environment. It's not as fun as the outdoors, but it works for now. 

The other solution is to walk on cloudy days. It's not perfect because the heat is still prominent, but the good news is, that I have more energy after my walk because there is no direct sunlight.