My Treadmill Home Gym. Small Basement Reality Check

Well, I started to put all my exercise equipment in my small basement. Including the treadmill for walking and resistance bands. Eventually, there will be a rowing machine as well. Having my treadmill and exercise equipment was a bit of a challenge to set up.  Here are some of the reality checks I realized when setting up my treadmill home gym. 

The Low Ceilings Equaled No-Incline Treadmill

The low ceilings (88 inches) make the basement space limited. I have looked into possibly getting an incline treadmill, but it might be risky business with the amount of headroom. So, I'm sticking with my no-incline treadmill. The treadmill's walking/running deck sits a few inches from the ground, which works. 

My Small Basement Needs Better Air Purification 

After having the treadmill in the basement for a month, air purification is a must. I got one small window in the basement and there's no real air ventilation. I currently have a budget-friendly air purifier, but it's no good. I'll need to get one before the winter. 

There’s No Natural Light in the Basement, Not Great for the Winter Treadmill Walks  

The only solution for the lack of lighting issue was to add two or three LED house lights. I placed them around the basement. I also added a "rope light," from end to end. I also put in a projector that faces one of the walls. There is no projector screen. The goal is to make the treadmill workouts pleasant. 

I Have to Be Cautious of Basement Flooding 

In the lifetime I have lived in my place (over 20 years), the basement has flooded three times. This makes placing the treadmill in a safe area tricky. Of the three basement floods, two were from the basement drain, and one was from the basement window. So, the treadmill is in the middle of the basement fairly far from the basement window and drain. 

The Heat Register Really Heats up the Basement

The heat register is close to the window, but in the winter, the basement gets super warm. It's wonderful if I'm not on the treadmill. The solution was to add a small portable fan to my treadmill. If you would like to check out the portable fan, my Amazon shop is linked at the end of this post. It's working out. Speaking of working out, I'll be trying to lose some weight this winter.  I'm not a professional, of course. 

The Treadmill and All Other Exercise Equipment Needs to Be Movable

Most of the exercise equipment and treadmill is easy to move. Nothing is bolted down or too heavy to lift from one side of the basement to the other. The reason links to the flooding issue. If anything happens, most of the exercise equipment can be moved quickly. 

There Needs to Be Space to Walk to the Laundry Room 

I have a small laundry room with a door on the other side of the basement. This makes the exercise equipment including the treadmill a bit of a twist to setup. There needs to be enough room to access the laundry room and for emergencies. Again, the treadmill setup leans toward the middle of the room. 

All the Additional Storage Also Needs to Fit

On top of the treadmill and exercise equipment, all other items need to fit in the basement. Unfortunately, I haven't got a great solution for the issue yet. If there's too much clutter, the treadmill workouts may become stressful. 

I Don’t Really Have Any Weights 

I went with resistance bands to keep things simple in the basement. I love them, but there are some exercises that would be better with weights, such as a bench press. I do have a Bowflex dumbbell (Affiliate link) which is very compact. That's about it. Not having too many weights makes the home gym versatile and simple. 

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