Fitbit Charge 5 Display in Sunlight (Tested Beside the Fitbit Inspire 2)


In this video, I take the Fitbit Charge 5 outside and check if I can see the display out in the sunlight. 

I also have the Fitbit Inspire 2 on my arm to give a bit of a comparison. 

The Fitbit Charge 5's display brightness is set to normal, and the Fitbit Inspire 2's "dim screen," is on. 

It was early afternoon on a partially sunny day. The sun did break out during my test, then it eventually became cloudy. 

I have both the Fitbit Charge 5 and Fitbit Inspire 2 on my right wrist. 

The Fitbit Charge 5 had better display visibility compared to the Fitbit Inspire 2.