My Sports Life 5 Years After My Achilles Tendon Ruptures


Well, it's been about five years now since my second, yup, second Achilles tendon rupture. I ruptured both Achilles tendons between 2010 to 2017. The first Achilles tendon rupture (left foot) happened during a squash game, and the second one (right foot) happened during a pick-up basketball game. I thought I would give a current breakdown of my sports life five years after my second Achilles tendon rupture. If you're interested in the detailed story, check out the, "about me," section

Let's jump in. Right now, I don't think my Achilles tendons fully healed 100%. The calf muscles are still a bit weak, but I can stand on my tippy toes for a few seconds before they get tired. I no longer run, jog or play many sports anymore, and I started walking as my main activity. 

The reason my Achilles tendons are weak is probably due to my lack of strength exercises, such as calf raises. I need to incorporate more strength exercises. Although, I was training for a walking marathon and I did incorporate some calf raises. 

If I were to go back in time to 2010 (my first Achilles tendon rupture), I would have gone to physiotherapy and taken the injury more seriously. I wanted to go back to work and get my life back, so, I rushed the process. I did learn my lesson on my second Achilles tendon rupture, and I slowed things down. 

Fast-forward to today. Although walking is going great, my Achilles tendons do ache, so I take more frequent breaks between walks. I also purchased a rowing machine to take the pressure off the Achilles tendons. 

I'm also taking stretching and warm-up much more seriously now. I purchased a massage gun and vibrating foam roller to loosen the calves. 

My sports life has dramatically slowed down now. I provided a flux list of the sports and physical activities I do and don't do.

Sports I don't play anymore

  • basketball games
  • volleyball games
  • soccer games
  • badminton games
  • squash games
  • tennis games
  • baseball games
It looks depressing, but it's not that bad. I can still cautiously participate in some of the pre-game warm-ups, for example, shooting around in basketball (walking, no jumping). Kicking the ball around a bit in soccer warm-up.  

    Sports and Physical activities I do now 

    Those are some of the activities I'm doing now, and I'll add to the list in the future. 

    I didn't anticipate the long-term aches and pains of my Achilles' tendons after five years. As I get older, I'm taking more caution on a daily basis. As you can see from the lists above, although some sports and activities have stopped, others have filled in nicely. It keeps life interesting. 

    Things I should have done better during my Achilles tendon rupture recovery process.

    • Not going to physiotherapy for my first achilles tendon injury (left foot) was a bad idea.
    • I was always in a big rush during the healing process. Not a good idea.
    • I needed to do much more cautious strengthening and stretching during both Achilles tendon ruptures. 
    • My nutrition was not bad during both injuries, but I could have incorporated more vegetables. 
    • I never really rested at ease during the AC injuries, I wanted to go do stuff all the time. 

    Ok, there's my two cents on my Achilles tendon ruptures, my sports life, and things I could have done better. Quick note, I'm talking from personal experience and I'm not a professional. 

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