How to Turn On Water Lock - Fitbit Charge 5

How to Turn on the Water Lock on a Fitbit Charge 5

  1. Tap the screen to the main time display. If screen wake is activated, you could also flick the wrist.
  2. From the main time display, scroll the main time display downward until you see, "turn on water lock." 
  3. Tap the "turn on water lock," icon.
  4. Now, it should say, "To lock, firmly double tap."
  5. If my "double tap," feature is a little unresponsive, when I notice nothing is happening after I double tap the screen, I just rapidly start tapping the screen. Most of the time, that does the trick. 
  6. Once the water lock is activated, it will say "locked."
  7. Ok, over at the main clock display, at the top of the display, it should say something like this, "water lock is on, double tap to deactivate."
  8. To deactivate the "water lock," feature, double-tap the clock display. Again, if the double tap feature is not working, rapidly tap the screen till you see, "To unlock, firmly double tap." 
  9. Firmly double-tap, or rapidly tap the screen again and the water lock feature should deactivate.