Reasons I Didn’t Get the Google Pixel Watch (But, It's Nice)

 The Google Pixel Watch has now been released, and it's beautiful. But, I'm pulling back the temptation to buy one. The reality is, there is a big difference between wearing a fitness watch during the day, versus wearing a fitness watch during the day, and night. Let's dive in. 

Large bulky watch face uncomfortable for sleep

When taking a look at the Google Pixel watch's spec page over at the Google store, the Google Pixel watch's diameter is 41 mm (1.73 inches) across with a height of 12.3 mm (0.48 inches). The weight is 36 g without the bands. The inches are approx.

Measuring my Fitbit Inspire 2 on my right wrist in millimeters with a metal ruler on top of my Fitbit Inspire 2.
Measuring my Fitbit Inspire 2 on my right wrist in millimeters.  

To put this into perspective, I put a metal ruler over my Fitbit Inspire 2 on my right wrist. It's not perfect, but you can see the distance from end to end on the Fitbit Inspire 2 is about 16 mm to 17 mm. If you were to look further down my wrist, you will see the 41 mm mark where the Google Pixel watch would sit. 

This is not my first rodeo wearing a larger fitness tracker or a fitness watch. I had the Polar m200 fitness watch and it was a great fitness watch in its time. The bigger watch face and band did not have the, "barely there," feel. This made it uncomfortable during sleep. I would say that was my number 1 or 1.5 reason for moving on from it. Although, any device on my wrist during sleep, whether it be a fitness watch or activity tracker, does not feel overly comfortable. 

The rest of this blog talks about my experience with my Polar m200 which was the only large fitness watch I've ever owned. The Google Pixel watch will probably not have the same fate as my Polar m200.  Hopefully, my experiences will give a better picture when wearing fitness watches all day and night. 

The band broke

After wearing my m200 fitness watch for all my daily walks and sleeps, the band broke. I wasn't too surprised. I was wearing the fitness watch every day for months with the exception of charging. 

The bulky fitness watch would push up against my wrist when loose

I'm not sure if my Polar m200 band was too loose, or I just got skinny wrists, nevertheless, the fitness watch pushed against that one bone on the right side of my wrist (palm down). I think it's called the ulna bone, or around that area. Very uncomfortable. 

More frequent charging

The battery on my m200 fitness watch needed to be charged almost daily. If I'm going for a walk during the day, using the GPS (which I stopped using for city walks), and also using it for sleep data, didn't work out. Some days I had to charge the fitness watch right after the walks before sleep. Not cool. 

Bottom Line

After the bulky fitness watch experience, I have not gone back. I'm still optimistic though, I'm sure there will be some technology where I can take off my imaginary Google Pixel Watch, put it on the nightstand, and still track my sleep. Unfortunately, not at this time. Instead, I got a Fitbit Inspire 2 with a slim band. It's comfortable for sleep, has no GPS, and has a good battery.

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