Looks Like Fitbit Is Casting to TV Soon

Fitbit looks to be entering the world of Chromecast-Enabled TV. Here's the official blog post from Fitbit below.  

I'm holding my Fitbit Inspire 2 with the "stats heavy," display.
I'm holding my Fitbit Inspire 2 with the "stats heavy," display. 

What Is It? Fitbit Chromecast-Enabled TV

You'll be able to cast your Fitbit app workouts on your Chromecast-Enabled TV. Fitbit talks about monitoring your workouts right on your TV. 

Is this Fitbit Chromecast-Enabled Feature Actually Helpful?

At this point, I would love to have my Fitbit workout stats on my projector screen in my basement "home gym." It would be nice to see my Zone minutes and heart rate in real time while I'm walking or rowing. 

I currently have the Fitbit Inspire 2, but the screen is not the biggest. A nice big TV screen would make life easier for walking and rowing. Also, when I'm rowing, I'm unable to check my Fitbit Inspire 2 because I can't let go of the handle grips.

So I would say yes, it would be helpful

The one downside I could see happening is how well the Fitbit Chromecast feature stays connected if my good old internet connection slows down. 

I did make a video about my basement home gym below.  

Is the Fitbit Chromecast-Enabled TV Going to Be Free?

The blog post doesn't mention if this will be a free service or behind Fitbit's Premium paywall. There was mention of all the AI technology Google is putting into Fitbit, so, we'll have to see what happens.

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Quick note: I'm not a professional, please seek out your local healthcare physician before doing any exercise. This blog post is just my opinion.