Moonwalker Shoes for Walking? Yup

A concrete trail with beautiful tree on either side. It's late afternoon.
I took this photo years ago walking around an urban trail in the River valley. 

Ok, there is an interesting company by the name of Shift Robotics that has come out with a super pair of walking shoes that are not exactly shoes, but not roller skates.  Here is their Kickstarter (No affiliation).

Shift Robotics call them Moonwalkers - the world's fastest shoes. 

After watching the Kickstarter video, I must say the Moonwalkers are high-tech and awesomely creative. 

I could see myself actually using these in the urban parts of my city. At first, I was wondering how the Moonwalkers would handle walking on uneven pavement and the odd rock-covered roads. 

Shift Robotics seems to have it covered. There is even a mode for going up and down stairs. 


That's it, for now, let's see what happens.

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