I Found Fitbit’s Walking Archives on Their Blog.

 As I browse through the world of Fitbit.com, I stumbled across the walking archives on Fitbit's official blog. It's not really a secret, if you're on a desktop computer and go over to Fitbit.com, you will find it by hovering over the "Activity," section and then scrolling down to "walking."It looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, but there could be some good walking stuff over there. I provided the link below. (No affiliation to Fitbit)

Walking Archives - Fitbit Blog. 

A bar graph from my Fitbit app data showing my walking steps for 2022.
Here are the steps I got to in 2022. 

In Other News, Here Are My Walking Steps in 2022

Steps in January  - 338,245

Steps in February - 279,546

Steps in March - 358,064

Steps in April - 360,115

Steps in May - 356,065

Steps in June - 365,337

Steps in July - 344,594

Steps in August - 364,385

Steps in September - 238,483

Steps in October - 215,771 

Steps in November - 214,518

Steps in December - 266,682

I took a look at my walking steps for 2022. The summer months were much higher than the months after September. 

I'm not really a winter walker because of all the snow and ice on the sidewalks and roads.

I was toggling between the treadmill and the outdoors for all of 2022. I was on the treadmill much more from October 2022 onwards.  

In Other Random News, Here are My 4 Plus Walking Gear on Amazon

For those that follow my vlog on YouTube, this gear shouldn't be a big surprise. Oh, I'm not sure if the ratings would still be four stars on Amazon.com now.  

Sitting at number one was my Fitbit Inspire 2. I used it every day for the walking steps data above and sleep data.  

Number two was my good-old Contigo coffee mug. It's been in my house for years, I use it all the time.

Number three would be my ASICS Gel-Excite 7s for walking on the treadmill.

Finally, number four would be the Smartdevil fan on my treadmill. 

You can check out my walking gear on my Amazon shop.

I became an Amazon affiliate in May 2022. If you click through the link above and purchase items on Amazon, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.