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Ryan from Canada here. I’m on a quest to walk 1000 walk days. Walking is my main form of exercise after rupturing both my Achilles tendons between 2010–2017. So, for this site, expect leisure self-paced walking journeys, treadmill walking, and walking gear reviews. If you're a passionate walker, you may find this blog useful.


My Achilles Tendon Ruptures (The Long Version)

The Left Achilles Tendon Rupture 

My first (left) Achilles tendon rupture happened in 2010 while I was playing squash with my family. We got to the squash court, had a little bit of a warm-up, and then about halfway through, it was like a racket hit the back of my Achilles tendon. I looked back at my Achilles tendon to see if I got hit, and I saw nothing. I took one step forward with my left foot, and it felt like Jello in the Achilles tendon area.

I hobbled my way over to the bench and eventually got to the hospital, where the doctor said it was a 100% rupture. A few days later, I got surgery on the Achilles tendon and started the long recovery of getting better. I was a little bit irresponsible with the left Achilles tendon rupture because I didn't really do physiotherapy and the necessary exercises.

All I was thinking about is getting back to work and just starting my life back to normal. As of the time I'm writing this, my left Achilles tendon rupture and calf muscle are not 100%. I had to stop lunging activities.


Left Achilles Tendon

Right Achilles Tendon

Did you get surgery on your Achilles’ tendons? 



How long did they take to heal? 

A couple of years

A couple of years

Did you go to physiotherapy?



When did you rupture them? 



What activities were you doing? 



Do they still bother you? 

Aches after long walks.

Aches after long walks, calf muscle also ache. 

What stretches do you do? 

I do a couple. The most common one is applying my foot to the wall with my walking shoes on and pushing forward. The other one is with a towel. This video explains it much better. Click here to my blog post.

I do a couple. The most common one is applying my foot to the wall with my walking shoes on and pushing forward. The other one is with a towel. This video explains it much better. Click here to my blog post.

Do you do any running activities? 



When do your Achilles’ tendons start aching on your walks? 

About 15 km

About 15 km

The Right Achilles Tendon Rupture

The right Achilles tendon rupture happened in 2017 while I was playing basketball at a local YMCA. I was dribbling the ball and doing a crossover, and it felt like there was a pop in my right Achilles tendon. All the players I was playing with stopped in a stunning bit of amazement. I then realized that my right Achilles tendon was ruptured, and I hobbled out of the gymnasium and sat down on the first bench I could see.

Like deja vu, I headed back to the hospital, the doctor looked at it, said it was ruptured, and then he gave me the option to have surgery or not have surgery. I didn't bother with the surgery. The reason being is I didn't have a great experience with my left Achilles tendon rupture in terms of all the drugs they gave me and the amount of pain I was in after.

I said I'm going to let it heal naturally, and that's what I did. Unlike my last mistake with my left Achilles tendon rupture, I went to physiotherapy, did the calf exercises, and followed everything the doctor told me to do. Again I was a little excited to get back to work, and that's what I eventually did.

Writing this post, my right Achilles tendon and calf muscle have not healed to 100%.

Okay, there you have it, the long version of my Achilles tendon ruptures. If you're still reading, thanks for reading all the way through. I'm going to try to update this blog as much as I can. I usually update the blog on rest days.

Till the next walk



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Q. What's the point of this Blog / Vlog?

A. Keep's me motivated to stay in physical and mental shape. 
Share my walking gear experiences.
Share my experiences walking around.
Share my photography/videography on some of my walks. 

Q. Treadmill or leisure walking? 

A. I try to get out of my house and walk as much as I can, but I do live in Canada, so the weather can get cold. The treadmill is great for the colder months. 

Q. City Walks or Nature Walks?

A. I'm in the middle. 


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